Only use these documents if you are instructed to do so by the ID Centre staff

Application for a Gatwick ID pass incl tools (287KB PDF)

For permanent or 30-day temporary passes – see below for shorter-duration temporary passes.

Change of ID pass details and reissue (63KB PDF)

If any of a passholder's details have changed, including name, job title, likeness or access levels, this must be completed.

Security interview form                                                                                                        
It is the responsibility of the sponsoring company to conduct the security interview. 

The security interview is required for all pass holders including 1-5 day, 6-60 day, landside and full critical part pass holders. 

Notification of a lost or stolen ID pass (50KB PDF)

Notification of a lost or stolen vehicle pass (46KB PDF)

Give notice of lost or stolen ID or vehicle passes by telephone first, then submit either of these forms promptly.

Reinstatement form (54KB PDF)

If a pass has been ‘parked (not used for over 60 days), use this to have it revalidated.

Application for a 1 to 5 day temporary ID pass incl tools (204KB PDF)

Use for short term temporary passes (up to 5 days)..

Application for ID pass for diplomats and statutory bodies (64KB PDF)

Most signatories will not need this.

To return a pass that's no longer required (46KB PDF)

We ask you to promptly return passes when employees leave or no longer need airside access.

Leavers notification form (76 KB PDF)

For company authorised signatories to let us know of any pass holders who are leaving. 

Form to ask for the release of data (73KB PDF)

The Data Protection Act provides specific protection against unauthorised disclosure.

CEM access request form (2MB. DOC)

Access to loading bay T and Station Approach Rd barriers (309KB)
IT comms rooms access request form (2MB.DOC) 

Tools of the trade pass application (176KB PDF)

Needed for anyone carrying tools into any part of the airport.

Airport ID scheme enquiry form (14KB PDF)

For companies or organisations which are new to the airport environment – perhaps dealing with a contract for work for the first time. Set up an account with us by completing this and supplying the supporting documents.

Airport ID scheme change of company details (43KB PDF)

For companies or organisations which need to make changes to their accounts.

Airport ID scheme authorised signatory nomination form (49KB PDF)

Authorised signatories must be nominated on this before they can be appointed and receive training.

Authorised signatory sample signature form (44KB PDF)

When appointing signatories we need a sample signature.

Authorised signatory leavers form (38KB PDF) 

Use this to tell us about authorised signatories who will be leaving your organisation.

File note template (45KB .DOC)

A template to help signatories keep and submit file notes appropriately.

Vehicle forms

These forms should be used when applying for vehicle permits. If you need any more information or advice, contact your account manager or the Gatwick ID Centre on 01293 50 3636.

Download safety inspection for vehicles under 3.5. tonnes  (16KB PDF) 
Download safety inspection for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (24KB PDF)

To apply for an airside operators licence (required before you can apply for vehicle passes), please visit or call them on 01227 200066 option 3.

Vehicle application form (68KB PDF)

For vehicles to be driven airside. To apply for an airside operators licence (required before you can apply for vehicle passes), please visit or call them on 01227 200066 option 3.