As you can imagine, the safety and security of Gatwick Airport, our passengers and the staff who work here is our top priority. Everyone working at Gatwick needs to comply with high standards to ensure our airport stays safe. 

Before applying for a role at the airport, please make sure that you can provide the following:

✓  A full five years' history that accounts for all periods of employment, self-employment, unemployment and education - any gaps over 28 days must be verified.

✓  Valid proof of your right to work in the UK - for example a passport/national ID card and for non UK, EEA or Swiss nationals, a valid visa.

✓  Proof of your National Insurance number (or evidence that you have applied for one).

✓  Valid photographic proof of identity - eg. passport or driving licence

✓  Proof of address

✓  Criminal Record Check

References cannot be provided by family members. If you have worked in a family business or have been self-employed, you will need to provide HMRC records or an accountant's reference.

Other tips

  1. Be accurate: Make sure that all of the information your provide is 100% accurate eg. names, dates, numbers etc
  2. Gather all your reference information in advance: think about who you can ask and remember that each gap needs a different referee
  3. Ready? Now apply for your role  

For jobs centres and employers

Here's some additional information for you to print or share with potential applicants to explain what's needed to work at Gatwick Airport.

Five year referencing guidelines 
Conversation starter 
Non-branded reference information for printing