Ben: engineering apprentice

Meet Ben, one of our first-year Engineering Apprentices

Meet Ben, a first year engineering apprentice at GatwickI am in my first year of the Gatwick Engineering Apprenticeship. This year has gone incredibly fast and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I always knew that engineering was the type of job that I really wanted to get involved in. When I was young, I was really interested in Lego as you can create anything! This interest has continued and I’m still building Lego today. 

Engineering is in my blood! My Mum is a Quantity Surveyor working in the construction industry, my Grandpa was a Precision Engineer, my Grandad was a Petrochemical Engineer and my godmother is a Structural Engineer. Being surrounded by people in engineering type roles has given me that interest to follow their footsteps.

I was lucky enough to do a couple of weeks of work experience at Gatwick Airport and it was then I knew I really wanted to get onto their apprenticeship scheme. My aim was to work as hard as I could to get there. 

I have enjoyed college more than I was expecting as there is more practical lessons such as welding and milling.  The class is made up of other apprentices from other companies, so it is interesting to be with other people in the same field.

I am more of a “hands-on” person and the apprenticeship allows me to learn at college (practical and academic) and through learning by carrying out work at Gatwick.