Billy: engineering apprentice

Meet Billy, one of our first-year Engineering Apprentices

Meet Bill, a first year engineering apprentice at GatwickI started this apprenticeship straight from secondary school as I wanted a more hands-on course. During school I found myself always gravitating towards the more practical courses as spending time studying and preparing for exams wasn’t something I enjoyed.

Even outside of school I spent time with my Dad helping in any way I could, whether that was by helping him build a shed or helping maintain my brother's car. Without realising it, engineering has been something I’ve constantly been doing, and have always enjoyed.

When looking for apprenticeships Gatwick really stood out to me as it offered a hands-on course, but the more I looked into it I found there was much more to it than that.

Gatwick allows me to work using my hands and also my head to problem solve and learn new skills which I can use at work, but also in general life. I am also doing it all in a working environment, being a member of a team with technicians around you, who are there to help you understand the different departments.

So far in the first year, I have been able to go to the airport during the school holidays and spend time learning about the different areas. I have been able to spend time exploring the airport helping the technicians carry out their quarterly and weekly testing of the different fire systems. These are extremely important in helping keep the passengers and the staff at Gatwick safe.

You wouldn’t be able to find the support and guidance Gatwick technicians give you anywhere else. This has greatly enhanced my apprenticeship as I feel supported to learn and develop. Knowing I am learning from previous apprentices makes me value my work and know I am in good hands.

I walk away from work every day having learnt something new, which is extremely important to me. As my apprenticeship continues, I am looking forward to exploring several other departments so I can learn and develop new skills. This will help me further my knowledge, as I work towards becoming a technician myself at the end of the apprenticeship.