Jiane: engineering apprentice

Meet Jiane, one of our first-year Engineering Apprentices

Meet Jiane, a first year engineering apprentice at GatwickI’m currently in my first year of my apprenticeship at Gatwick Airport and looking forward to what’s ahead of me.

I first began my journey into engineering when I was 13 years old as I was part of the Greenpower Challenge. The challenge is about making cars and racing them on tracks around the county, such as Goodwood or Silverstone. I enjoyed the building process as well as racing against others on the tracks and participated in these events for many years. This experience inspired me to get into engineering so, when I found the Gatwick Airport apprenticeship program, I quickly jumped onto the opportunity.

This apprenticeship appealed to me as you learn practical skills whilst working around many departments. This motivates me quite a lot as the apprenticeship is versatile and every day is different.

I am also very passionate about encouraging more women to get into engineering. It would be amazing to see more women in engineering positions and applying for apprenticeships like mine.

Throughout my first year of the apprenticeship, I have experienced lots of new skills from college classes which I use whilst working at the airport and I can't wait to expand my skills as my apprenticeship progresses.