Max: engineering apprentice

Meet Max, one of our engineering apprentices

I started my apprenticeship at Gatwick at 16 and I’m now in my third year – its scary to think how quickly my time here is going! Being an apprentice at Gatwick has allowed me to work alongside highly skilled engineers (many ex-apprentices) who devote a lot of their own time to allow me to develop into the best engineer that I can be.

All Gatwick apprentices spend their first year at college which is fundamental to build a good engineering knowledge base – but it only really clicks when you put these skills into practice on site.

Being an apprentice at Gatwick has allowed me to work alongside highly skilled engineers

Since leaving college I have completed rotations on many different sections, including; LSCA (Life Safety, Controls & Automation), Electronics, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), MT (Motor Transport) and Airfield Engineering.

Every engineering section maintains different assets, which I get to work on, allowing me to develop different engineering disciplines. This diversity is just one of the reasons why I believe that Gatwick’s apprenticeship program is the best on the market. 

There is never a dull moment working within Gatwick’s 24/7 operation – especially in engineering! On a day-to-day basis we are certainly kept on our toes completing planned maintenance and responding to some very unpredictable faults. Keeping the equipment up and running is essential to Gatwick’s smooth operation and a stress-free passenger experience. Therefore, when it goes wrong it is all hands-on deck and I can really get stuck in.

I can’t wait to carry on my journey as an apprentice at Gatwick and continue to learn. I can only hope that I impress technicians enough to go on and achieve a full time position within the engineering team.