Humans of Gatwick

As the UK's second largest airport, it's no wonder we have such a wide variety of jobs - and people to do them! But what is it really like to work here? Humans of Gatwick showcases the talented people who make our airport tick and keep Gatwick and our runway operating 24/7, while making sure that we try to give every one of our passengers the best possible experience. Read on to find out more about different roles and what it's like to work at Gatwick...
Humans of Gatwick Meet Rahul Meet Hannah Meet Max Meet Karen Meet Stefano Meet Nikki

Humans of Gatwick

Need some inspiration for a new career in 2020?

In our Humans of Gatwick video series, you'll meet six individuals with special and interesting jobs, who all play a vital role in keeping our airport moving. From electrical engineer Max, part of the team who keeps our runway and airfield safe, to retail logistics manager, Karen, who masterminds the delivery of the millions of retail products that arrive at the airport each month for our shops.

These are their stories.

Rahul, Graduate Engineer

Rahul is one of our Graduate Engineers, involved in a range of exciting projects.

If you've seen the construction work going on recently to improve our North Terminal departure lounge facilities, then Rahul was one of the many people who made that happen!

He loves being part of something which challenges him and makes a difference to our passengers.

Hannah, Surface Access Planning Manager

Transport and road links are vital for everyone getting to and from our airport. Cue Hannah whose role is to oversee all of this infrastructure and the many transport companies operating here.

Not only that, she is also part of our incident management team, and  specially trained to help out during disruption at the airport.

Max, Airfield Engineer

Chances are you won’t see Max at Gatwick, unless you’re on the taxiway looking out of the plane window. As an electrical engineer, he’s there come rain or shine, night and day - playing a vital role in keeping our airfield running around the clock.

Find out more about Max's role and how he even has time to study for a degree outside work.

Karen, Retail Logistics Manager

Karen, our Retail Logistics Manager, has worked at Gatwick for an impressive 28 years across many different roles. It's safe to say, she probably knows the airport better than most!

If you've ever bought your favourite bottle of perfume or picked up some pre-flight sweets or a holiday novel, the chances are that the logistics have been overseen by Karen.

Stefano, Innovation Associate

Working in Gatwick’s forward-looking IT Innovation Team is very cool, according to Innovation Associate, Stefano. He loves seeing something he’s designed being implemented and in day-to-day use, improving the airport experience for passengers and staff alike.

Nikki, Head of Stable Operations

At an airport where no two days are the same, there aren't many situations our Head of Stable Operations isn't prepared for.

Nikki, has had a diverse career spanning 31 years at Gatwick. It’s her role to oversee emergency and contingency planning to make sure that the airport recovers from any disruption as quickly as possible.