Sammy - Control Centre

"I speak four and a half languages - with English being the half (joke)!

"I was born in Tunisia and raised in France where I trained as a graphic designer. When I moved to the UK, design work was scarce so I found a job at Gatwick working on the information desk – perfect for all my languages. I've been here for a while - 17 years to be precise! - but I now work in the Gatwick Control Centre, making sure the airport runs smoothly."

You have to step back, think and then activate.

Sammy used his linguistic talents to land a job in the airport originally, but the many skills he learnt as a graphic designer have also come in handy throughout his time at Gatwick – especially during a recent project to redesign his work space - as well as in the kitchen!

"I love cooking, especially improvising with a glass of wine. I live with my son, who's 15. He’ll say ‘Dad, there's nothing in the fridge. There's no food.’ I go to the kitchen and just bring a few things together and there you go, a dish - et voila! You have to step back, think and then activate."

In every job, including cooking for his son, Sammy is the ultimate problem solver, looking at all the information available and offering the best advice and solution he possibly can.

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