Business areas

There are so many different careers to pursue at Gatwick Airport.

Here are just a few of our teams to give you a flavour of the different types of jobs available at Gatwick:

Our business areas:


Airport security consists of two main areas. Security regulation supports the ‘front-line’ security staff by providing specialist advice, processes and procedures that enable everybody to fulfil the legal requirements set for the airport. Security operations are primarily responsible for the day-to-day screening of passengers, staff and baggage, ensuring that both Department for Transport (DfT) and customer service standards are achieved.

External security are responsible for the screening of staff and baggage, security and control of vehicle access onto the airfield to ensure the integrity of the critical part is maintained. 

All our security guards also deliver high levels of customer service to our passengers.

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Airside operations teams

Airside operations manage all aircraft movements on the airfield. The department is also responsible for vehicle traffic within the airport perimeter, runway lighting and control, liaising with ground handlers and service providers to ensure that all aspects of health, safety and aviation requirements are met and sustained. Airside operations include a fully effective emergency Fire Service, in accordance with regulatory requirements and agreed standards. Gatwick Airport is the world's busiest single runway operation, and the airport fire service that protects it is trained to the highest possible standards, using modern training facilities and techniques. They attend over 2,500 incidents each year, ranging from aircraft emergencies and road traffic accidents to medical emergencies.

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Engineering is a central function at Gatwick whose role is to manage all airport assets in an effective and efficient way. From large pieces of equipment like the shuttle, to smaller assets such as hand dryers, they’re here to protect our airport and maintain a safe environment for both staff and passengers, in line with UK and EU legislation. Engineering work closely with the development team and share with them technical standards, standard operating procedures and the Asset Management Centre (AMC) to support the work they do to improve the airport. The Asset Management Centre provides a central repository of all business critical records, on behalf of asset stewards.  It’s supported by a dedicated team who delivers a range of information that ensures our airport remains safe, compliant and reliable.

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Construction and development teams

Gatwick’s development team is working to deliver a new kind of Gatwick. They assess the airports current and future needs and then make it happen in a sustainable way. 

There are five teams that make up Gatwick’s development team - all working to deliver a new kind of Gatwick:

Investment strategy & planning team work out the right amount of investment needed for Gatwick to grow and compete and agree this with our airline partners and the CAA.

North, south terminals and airfield programme teams have the job of delivering the Capital Investment Programme safely, at the right cost and with least disruption to our passengers and business.

Project controls and technical services. Our job is to drive for the best results in our capital projects, through managing time and cost on projects, the application of best practice and our programme assurance processes. 

Development engineering team are accountable for design, technical and engineering integrity of all assets at Gatwick. We own all of the design and technical strategies and standards to support Gatwick Airport’s business objectives.

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Commercial team

Our commercial team which encompasses retail, property, marketing and airline business development, focuses on three areas: commercial business development who manage our major business partner relationships across all areas, developing new revenue, marketing the Gatwick brand and delivering growth.

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Corporate affairs and sustainability team

The team covers a wide range of communications: 

Community relations focuses on delivering our community and charitable support and engagement programme with local councils, residents and businesses.

Corporate responsibility works to deliver our sustainability programme, including environment and noise. 

Digital communications is responsible for managing and running our website and social media channels.

Internal communications manages Gatwick's communication channels and employee-wide communications, providing supporting materials to ensure messages are delivered consistently across the airport. 

Media relations works with the external media, such as the press, television and journalists to make sure people get to hear Gatwick’s message and to promote the positive work Gatwick is doing to become London’s airport of choice. 

Public affairs focus on building our external voice, protecting and promoting Gatwick’s reputation and goals by building relationships with people and organisations outside the business that can help us with this. 

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Human resources

Human resources provides an umbrella of services to all our employees. We are the touch-point from recruitment and getting starting in your new job, to managing your pay, benefits and rewards, maintaining health and wellbeing at work, managing changes to your lifestyle, right through to the day you leave the company.

Throughout each of these stages, HR will provide you with any day to day requirements relating to your employment contract and working arrangements here at Gatwick. This includes information, documents and forms needed in relation to any of the areas mentioned above, supported by advice on best practice for managers and employees alike. In addition to these day to day services, HR are also responsible for the strategic development of our organisation. Helping to define what structure we will need, what skills and training are required and how we continue to develop the organisation in the future to become London's airport of choice. 

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Finance team

The Finance team delivers an essential service through reporting financial results to management and stakeholders, coaching and educating the wider business and building our competitive advantage through timely, accurate and focused analysis of all current and planned business activities. The duties of the department include:

  • developing and delivering robust financial budgets and forecasts
  • reporting accurate, timely results to internal management
  • enhancing business knowledge through analysis and communication of key drivers and performance results
  • coaching and educating business managers in effective financial management 
  • partnering with the business to provide insight and enable improved decision making 
  • providing financial information to external bodies such as Companies House investors and regulatory institutions
  • processing transactions and maintaining effective internal controls.

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Procurement team

Procurement is a central function at Gatwick that supports our business with effective and efficient purchasing of third-party products and services, alongside the management of our supply pipeline. Helping Gatwick secure maximum value for money from the supply market for all third party products and services needed to run the airport. This includes anything from business stationery and courier services, to civil engineering maintenance services and airfield de-icers.

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