Information & passenger assistant

Meet Jason, information and passenger assistant

Information and passenger assistant When did you join Gatwick? I joined almost 4 years ago as a security officer which I thoroughly enjoyed. We went through a pretty extensive training programme which lasted about three weeks. Working in security and dealing with passengers on a daily basis and coping with the day to day challenges this brings has given me lots of knowledge and experience for my current role as an Information Passenger Assistant which I’ve been doing for nearly two years now. I have a few friends that already worked at Gatwick, in conversation, it sounded exciting and so different to any other place I’d worked.

What do you like most about your job? I enjoy all aspects of my job but meeting a huge range of different people from all walks of life on a daily basis is great. I have to draw on my knowledge and experience of the airport to help and assist passengers and staff with their questions or giving them vital information. All of this is very rewarding and satisfying but best of all is working with such a great team, its like a second family!  

What qualities do you need to be an information passenger assistant? Top of the list is having a good sense of humour! I would also say that being able to communicate effectively with all kinds of people is essential. Staying calm and keeping a cool head when you’re dealing with medical emergencies or serious incidents is a must and as the role can be quite challenging at times, having strong people skills and being able to make on the spot decisions to solve problems is ideal. It's great if you can speak another language too.

What would be a typical day for you? Every day is different, no two days are the same so I can’t really tell you what a typical day is like, that’s what I love about this job! Most days it’s about assisting passengers as they pass through the airport but we’re also part of the first response team when there’s a medical emergency or a  serious incident, thankfully we don’t get too many of those in a day!

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Gatwick? Come and join the fun, you won’t regret it!