Security team leader

Meet Hayley, security team leader

security team leaderWhat did you do before joining Gatwick? I worked in retail for 12 years. I worked my way up to management level and gained a valuable insight into people management. I felt, at that stage that I wanted a new and fresh challenge and applied to work at Gatwick. I’ve been working here for almost three years now and I’ve applied my skills to my role as a security team leader and also developed lots of new ones. My initial apprehension of having no operational knowledge of working at an airport was unfounded as I had extensive training which covered everything I needed to know and as I already had the leadership skills, the transition was seamless.

What do you like most about your job? I love working with people. I manage a team of security officers and I have built strong relationships with them. I coach, support and develop them to be the best they can be and I get lots of job satisfaction from that. I have built strong relationships with third parties within the business such as the police, airlines, Customs and Immigration. I also enjoy being on the front line of our operations as I love the interaction I have with our passengers, and again, I get lots of satisfaction from delivering great service and helping people.

Did you receive much training?  Yes, lots of training. I had concerns that I had never worked in an airport environment and there was so much to learn but the training gave me the skills necessary to go out and do the job. There is also so much knowledge and experience around me that I learnt a lot from colleagues once I was already in the role. To be honest, one of the aspects I like the most about my job role is being confronted with a situation I haven’t dealt with previously. It is definitely a job in which you can continuously. I learn something new everyday!

What’s a typical day like? I could be in a lead role for the day which means I am managing the operation and my colleagues. These days are always the more challenging as accountability sits firmly on my shoulders. I really enjoy these days as it’s an opportunity to shine and develop new skills. Other days, I could be in a more supportive role and I assist with passenger queries, security issues and spend time working with my team. The truth is, there is no typical day and that is the beauty of my job! It’s a far cry from my previous job roles where every day blended into the next. I like coming into work and never knowing what the day might bring. It’s refreshing and it certainly keeps me on my toes! Managing my time effectively can be a challenge. I like to spend quality time with my team and have one to one meetings with them to discuss their performance - but operational requirements do come first. My job role can be quite a re-active one which means you never know when you may have to ditch your pre-planned day and deal with an issue that arises. The unpredictable nature of the environment, for me makes my days interesting and challenging.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Gatwick? Wow! What a great time to be joining us. It’s a new and exciting time for us.It’s still only two years since we separated from BAA to become an independent airport. We want to be the best and with lots of investment in improving our airport, we are well on our way. If you want to be part of a great team who take pride in delivering the best passenger experience and keeping people safe, look no further….!