Team leader, engineering

Meet Ryan, in engineering

Team leader, engineerHow long have you worked at Gatwick Airport Limited? I joined Gatwick in Sept 2002 under the Engineering Apprentice Scheme. During my apprenticeship, I worked in many different engineering teams, from general faults, to heating and ventilation and even electronics systems. After a short time with The North Terminal Baggage Team I was offered a job with the Life Safety Systems department where I spent the last remaining eight months of my apprenticeship along with three Technicians. Since I joined the team, the department has grown to 10 Technicians. Six years on, I am now a team leader within the department.

What do you like best about your job? I love working in a busy environment. As Gatwick is a 24/7 operation there are lots of things that happen behind the scenes that passengers don’t see. The Life Safety Systems Team maintain over 11,500 detectors, 2,600 manual call points and 165 fire alarm panels. In my role it’s beneficial to have good, clear communication skills, a positive attitude and self motivated. I enjoy working with a flexible, hard working, committed team of technicians. Over the last couple of years I have been heavily involved with a multi-million pound fire alarm replacement project in the South Terminal which has allowed me to build on my experience.

What’s a typical day for you? My day usually starts by carrying out fire alarm isolations for capital investment projects being carried out across the terminal buildings. Our aim is to minimize the risk of unnecessarily activating the fire alarms, but at the same time ensuring there is no risk to life and building safety. I then check our fault reporting system to see if there have been any faults that have been raised out of business hours. I then prioritise the day’s work and distribute this between the team. I always ensure that maintenance and fault resolution tasks are evenly spread throughout the team.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Gatwick Airport Limited? Gatwick is a very busy place. Once you have stepped in the door, it’s very hard to leave. Your working day will never be boring. It’s great to work with a range of industries and personalities working or using the airport.