When it comes to IT, Gatwick is widely considered by industry leaders to be in the top five most cutting-edge airports in the world

Who are we?

In 2018 we were named Most Innovative Airport in Europe by peers that included more than 92 airlines and airports. Other accolades include best use of mobile technology, best corporate app and most innovative use of digital technology.

How do we work?

This multi-disciplined and fast-moving team’s mantra is to make Gatwick the most advanced airport in the world, where every system runs, every project delivers and everyone succeeds. Whether you are an IT business analyst, programme manager, apps consultant, network engineer, IT service desk worker or anything in between - if there is a new way that will help run a better service for passengers and colleagues, we don’t stop until we have achieved it. 

Our attention to detail is such that members of our tech-led innovation team visit California’s Silicon Valley several times a year, looking to plug in to the hottest ideas coming out of the global capital of IT.

Why Gatwick?

At Gatwick we know that thinking the same way as the rest will never put you ahead of the game.

We are the first major airport in the world to rollout a cloud-based flight information display system, using 1200 screens in the airport and local hotels.

Our 'community app' provides up-to-the minute information for the 24,000 staff working across Gatwick and has been shortlisted for seven national awards. A dozen other airports are now looking at developing something similar.

In 2017 we introduced augmented reality wayfinding using beacon-based technology – a world first. 

If this isn't enough, Gatwick also has the fastest 4G speeds of any UK airport.