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Passenger operations

Passenger Operations is the heartbeat of the airport, the engine that keeps everything going.

Who are we?

From the everyday to the extreme, there’s a lot that happens in a terminal building. And it’s the job of the Passenger Operations team to keep everything moving – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

I’ve been here three years now and can’t imaging working anywhere else.

How do we work?

The team oversees the management of terminal areas, making sure passengers are passing through safely and all services are maintained. 

The team are the first responders during periods of disruption, working closely with every Gatwick department including Incident Operational Managers, project managers and baggage engineers, and are in constant contact with the Gatwick Control Centre. They investigate accidents and incidents, put things right, and recommend actions to stop them happening again.

And they listen to customer feedback and work with the customer service team to react to it, making improvements where necessary.

Why Gatwick?

A million and one things can happen in an airport terminal every day, particularly in one as busy as Gatwick. We must be ready for every eventuality and to access the right people to deal with any situation.

This is where the Passenger Operations team comes in.

Nicola Fuller, Passenger Operations Assistant

We’re known as the ‘pink shirts’ and can be found dotted around Gatwick’s terminals both landside and airside. And the phrase ‘every day is different working here’ may sound like a cliché – but it genuinely is the case for us.

One moment you could be giving first aid to a passenger or dealing with unattended bags, and the next, responding to a fire alarm or another incident. From the moment a passenger arrives at our airport, to the moment they get on the aircraft, it’s our responsibility to help them have the best possible experience at our airport.

We’re a really close team and have each other’s back at all times – you can tell from someone’s body language if they need help and I know that if I’m in a challenging situation then one of my colleagues will be there to back me up. It’s a really nice environment to work in.

I’ve been here three years now and can’t imaging working anywhere else. We are trained on how to deal with unattended bags, first aid and CPR situations, but nothing beats learning on the job. Trust me, you’ll never forget that first time when the first aid you’ve given has helped save someone’s life.

The Passenger Operations manifesto describes our team as ‘the heartbeat of the airport’, working behind the scenes to keep it all moving. I’m proud to be part of that.