Our values and priorities

Our values and strategic priorities

Our ambition is to compete to grow and become London’s airport of choice

Gatwick Airport wants to set the standard for airport service, and for Gatwick to be known for the warm welcome, ease of use, on-time performance and exemplary service. 

To realise this ambition, we have set ourselves six strategic priorities which are to:

  • Deliver the best passenger experience
  • Help our airlines grow
  • Increase value and our reputation
  • Protect and enhance our reputation
  • Build a strong environment, health and safety culture
  • Develop the best people, processes and technology.

That's the what, but the how is equally important. Our values will help us achieve our ambition in the best possible way. We will:

  • Deliver great service every day. 
  • Be better than the rest. 
  • Work together as one team.

If you think that sounds like how you like to work, then find out more about working for Gatwick Airport,  get an overview of our different teams and jobs roles and the benefits and rewards of working for us.