Economic Case Studies

Gatwick's strong revival will help create the vibrant, connected and cutting edge business setting needed to expand the region’s economy.

We are proud to support small local business.   Read our case studies which show the airport’s impact on three local businesses.Read our case studies below which show the airport’s economic impact on local businesses.

Case Study: Yolanda Noye, Director of Heron Painters & Decorators

Heron Painters & Decorators is a local business based in Horsham, West Sussex that has worked at Gatwick Airport for 35 years. Prior to the pandemic, work at the airport was the “bread and butter” of the business, constituting around 80% of its activities.

Heron Painters & Decorators has been able to develop its expertise and expand its offer as a direct result of its relationship with Gatwick Airport.  In particular, its staff have trained and qualified to be able to provide and certify applications of intumescent paint – a service that the company is now able to offer across its client base.  The company has also diversified to offer access equipment hire to other sub-contractors working at the Airport, for example access platforms and scissor lifts.  This equipment can be made available at short notice and so provides a key benefit for other suppliers at the Airport.

They’ve always championed the fact that, it sounds corny, but it’s like a Gatwick family. They’ve always been vocal about wanting to encourage and support local business. When there’s such a large employer out there people can be daunted by that prospect. But Gatwick are approachable.
I value our relationship with Gatwick Airport extremely highly.  It brings a certain prestige to our business to have them on our radar and the fact that we have such a long-standing working relationship, both with the many main contractors and with GAL themselves.  It is an extremely valuable relationship that I really do hope is going to resurrect in the very near future.

Case Study: Matt Saunders, Managing Director of Storm12

Storm12 is a creative agency based in Handcross, West Sussex that has been working with Gatwick Airport Limited since 2016.  As the Managing Director of a local small business, Matt Saunders places tremendous value on the company’s working relationship with Gatwick.  Matt notes that Gatwick has a “strong moral compass”, is open and honest, and is willing to measure the impact of the work.

Storm12 recently worked on a project to improve wayfinding for international passengers at the South Terminal – a large-scale project that involved refining and developing pathways from every gate to the flight connections service.  Working with Gatwick on the project helped Storm12 to innovate and to further develop its strategic, structured approach to project delivery.

They are a key client in our business that we work very collaboratively with on a strategic and tactical level – and we have a shared vision for results.  The people side of it, the fit, just feels right – the creativity and projects, and I think that’s why we’ve worked with them for four or five years now.  Looking forward, we are looking to continue that relationship.

Case Study: Steve Driscoll, Project Engineer at KPFP

KPFP Limited based in Kingswood, Surrey are Fire Protection Engineers, specialising in Sprinkler Systems, Dry Risers, Hydrants, Fire Hose Reels & Extinguishers.  Project Engineer Steve Driscoll has worked at Gatwick Airport for 20 years, 12 of those working for KPFP.  KPFP holds the fire safety maintenance contract at Gatwick Airport Limited and also installs new fire safety equipment. 

Prior to the pandemic, around half of KPFP’s business was related to Gatwick Airport.  The company recently created a bespoke system for servicing the 3,000+ fire sprinklers at the Airport, which can be accessed by Gatwick to identify future expenditure requirements.

I take a lot of pride in the place and enjoy helping make it one of the world’s best airports.
You more or less feel like you are employed by the airport.  We work alongside GAL staff, and provide immediate support and assistance to the Life Safety team.  The community spirit – you feel like you are part of a big family.  They are reliable and prompt with payments which really helps smaller business like ourselves.