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Gatwick Growth Board

The Gatwick Growth Board (GBB) was established in 2016 to examine and promote the wider economic and social impacts of our future growth and expansion plans on the local area, the South East region and on the economy of the UK as a whole.  

The GBB is made up of expert former Minister for Transport Steve Norris and the airport’s previous corporate affairs and sustainability director, Charles Kirwan-Taylor. Until she passed away in May 2018, Baroness Jowell, former Minister for the Olympics and for London, also co-chaired the Board.  Both Baroness Jowell and Steve Norris brought great experience, expertise and authority in the field of government, infrastructure and economic and social analysis. With his business background and knowledge of the airport and the industry, Charles brings insight into the positive impact and growth potential that Gatwick continues to provide to the UK economy.

The GGB’s purpose is to help the airport and our management team address the wider issues associated with Gatwick’s recent and future growth. The airport is now recognised as one of the most important infrastructure assets in the country and its growth carries implications for the country as a whole, as well as for its local region.

The GGB’s independent analysis of the impacts of Gatwick’s future growth and expansion plans will provide insight and advice to the airport on how these plans might best be taken forward. The GGB will initially be in place for two years and will deliver regular reports and studies to Gatwick. 

GBB has published four studies. The first is to understand the The economic impact of Gatwick Airport.

The second study published in July 2017 is the Gatwick Growth Board connectivity study which identifies the priorities and case for transport investment in schemes which benefit both Gatwick Airport and the wider region. 

The third study was published on 26 February 2018 and looks in detail at the positive impacts of the 'visitor economy'. In 2017, 5.5 million overseas visitors arriving via Gatwick Airport, contributed £4.7 billion to UK GDP, supported 93,000 jobs and £1.2 billion in tax revenues: Gatwick Airport's impact on the visitor economy

The last study, published on 10 July 2018, looks at Gatwick’s economic contribution to the national and local economy through trade and investment. The study shows that £7.5 billion of international goods passed through Gatwick in 2017 in trade that supported 113,800 UK jobs. Read the study. 

Other issues which the GGB will explore include:

  • Training and employment: how Gatwick can best provide opportunities for current and future generations of staff to develop their full potential, and to attract recruits from across the region
  • Procurement: how Gatwick can best work with the construction sector to enable innovative firms of all sizes right across the UK to deliver its £1.2 billion capital programme. and
  • Balanced growth across the UK: how does Gatwick’s growth fit within a wider network of airports across the UK, connecting all regions to the world?