Jobs & skills

Jobs & skills

Supporting 85,000 UK jobs

Economic research has shown that Gatwick supports some 85,000 jobs throughout the UK, with the airport’s supply chain and business opportunities spread throughout the wider South East region and across the nation as a whole. 

Gatwick also plays a significant role in local employment, providing valuable job opportunities within our region, and attracting a range of businesses to the area, including headquarters for a number of international companies. 

A total of 24,000 people work across the whole airport campus with Gatwick employing over 3,000 people directly, of which around 57% live locally (in RH postcodes). 

In the Gatwick Diamond area in particular (which stretches from the edge of London in the north to the edge of Brighton in the south, and from Horsham in the west to East Grinstead in the east) research has shown that Gatwick supports one in every 12 jobs in this crucial region.

Gatwick therefore recognises the huge number of livelihoods that depend on our continuing success, and a range of programmes are in place to allow us to continue create and promote opportunities for the region. 

These include the One Destination Employability Programme which provides a three-week course for unemployed local residents to gain general skills and training required to work for one of the many employers based at the airport; and the “Generation” programme run by Gatwick’s retail team to open up the many retail and food and beverage job opportunities at the airport. 

Case study

Steve, employabilitySteve, who works as a warehouse operative for DHL at Gatwick, was “born and bred in Crawley” and started working at the airport last year after signing up to Gatwick’s One Destination Employability programme. 

“I was ill for a while and, during my recovery, a woman at the Job Centre pointed me in the direction of the employability scheme - and the rest is history! Three of us from the scheme came to work at the DHL warehouse at Gatwick. I absolutely love it – working in this role offers stability that I’ve never really had in the past."

In addition to Gatwick’s own programmes, external investment is also creating new job opportunities at the airport and in the local supply chain. For example, Boeing’s new multi-million-pound hangar will provide on-site engineering and maintenance capabilities, and will create more than 100 highly skilled jobs at Boeing and its regional suppliers. 

As a significant employer across the region, Gatwick also has a vital role in helping develop the next generation of talent – find out more about our ‘Inform, Inspire, Invest’ education programme offers a range of ways for young people to develop the right skills for the right job.