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Trade & investment

Driving trade and investment activity in the national and regional economy

As one of the UK’s major transport hubs, statistics paint a clear picture about the vital role Gatwick plays in supporting local, national and international trade: 

  • In 2017, an estimated £7.5 billion worth of international goods was transported through Gatwick between UK and overseas markets - over two-thirds of this trade value was made up of exports from the UK
  • Modelling suggests that trade activity centred on Gatwick added £7.2 billion to UK GDP in 2017 and sustained 113,800 jobs across the UK, when the multiplier effects of an extensive supply chain are taken into account
  • At a regional level, businesses in the Gatwick Diamond region (which stretches from London in the north to Brighton in the south, and from Horsham in the west to East Grinstead in the east) are one and a half times more likely to export than the national average, while productivity in the local area is 11% above the national average

Gatwick’s growing global connections are an important catalyst to the trade and investment opportunities to the national and regional economy. 

Gatwick already serves more destinations than any other UK airport, including 29 European capital cities and 15 of the top 18 European business destinations. But it is the airport’s rapid growth in long-haul connectivity that is really opening up opportunities for further trade. 

In recent years, Gatwick has grown to more than 60 long-haul destinations including new routes to established markets in the US, China and Middle-East and high-growth global economies in South America and Asia. The airport will continue to compete successfully with other UK airports to win new routes to the UK's key trading partners. 

In 2018, a study was published a study looking at Gatwick’s economic contribution to the national and local economy to the national and local economy through trade and investment.