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Gatwick Airport Community Trust

Gatwick Airport Community Trust (GACT) is an independent charity set up by the legally-binding agreement between West Sussex County Council, Crawley Borough Council and Gatwick Airport.

Apply now for a grant. Applications close on Monday 16 March 2020.

The Trust is dedicated to supporting local communities through the funding of projects within those communities most affected by the airport and our operations.

As part of our legal commitment with our local authorities, we make an annual donation to the Gatwick Airport Community Trust. Local community groups and charities can apply for grants for specific projects. The Trust also receives money raised through noise fines set by the Government on aircraft that infringe any noise limits at Gatwick.

This year GACT awarded grants to 102 different projects totalling over £207,000.  The majority of grants ranged from £1,000 to £5,000 and beneficiaries ranged from scouts and village halls to sports clubs, choirs, theatre groups, pre-schools, the elderly and people with disabilities. 

Applications for grants are assessed by a board of nine trustees who all bring local knowledge and expertise to the Trust ensuring that the money is used to the maximum benefit of the local community. For more information and to see the full list of grants awarded please go to

The Gatwick Airport Community Trust is separate to the Gatwick Foundation Fund. 

Criteria for grants

If you have a community project in mind, then please read more about what's needed to qualify for a grant and apply via the GACT website

Please check that the project falls within the Trust’s area of benefit.  A detailed map together with a list of the towns and villages covered can be found on the GACT website.

The normal level of grants is between £500 and £3,000. Occasionally, larger grants are also available, but you should speak to the Trust before putting in your application. In all cases, your project will need to fall within the following categories in order to be considered: 

  • Development of young people
  • Art projects including amateur drama, music, art
  • Sporting facilities
  • Environmental improvement and conservation
  • Improvements to community facilities such as village halls
  • Support for the disabled
  • Support for the elderly
  • Encouragement of additional volunteering or giving in the area

Find out more about the Gatwick Airport Community Trust.