Gatwick Foundation Fund

The Gatwick Foundation Fund is a collaboration between the Community Foundations in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, who will oversee £300,000 of annual grants to community projects across the region.

Celebrating one year of the Gatwick Foundation Fund

In just one year, 80 organisations and 46,000 people have benefitted from the Gatwick Foundation Fund. 

Among the diverse range of projects supported is a charity providing disadvantaged primary school children with arts experiences and books, an organisation which provides regular home visits for elderly people, and a holiday club for young people with learning disabilities.


Delight books“The funding Delight received from the Gatwick Foundation Fund was instrumental in our ability to deliver a Delight Book Fair to 300 local children. Each child took home 2 free books of their choice and could then choose from a vast selection of books at 30p each. 

“The excited children took home 857 books and the Delight Book Fair was incredibly successful in engaging children and parents alike. This success was made possible due to support from the Gatwick Foundation Fund.” CEO Kathryn Mills

West Kent YMCA 

West Kent YMCA"Gatwick Foundation Fund supports our retail traineeships; where vulnerable young people take really important steps on their journey into meaningful work. We help trainees to improve their maths, English, self-confidence and communication skills. We teach them customer service in theory and practice. Then we support their search for further work and training. 

“Only last week Jordan came to see us to collect a Kent County Council ‘Tryangle’ award he had won; and tell us about his permanent job with Go Outdoors. He won his job on his own merits, against stiff competition; but we are proud that he now has the skills and confidence to thrive." West Kent YMCA Chief Executive Robert Marsh


Kangaroos“Kangaroos was thrilled to be awarded a grant from Gatwick’s Foundation Fund last year to support our weekend and holiday club, BreakAway, for teenagers with learning disabilities. The funding has enabled the young people to have fun and try new experiences with their friends, enjoying opportunities and challenges that would not otherwise be available to them.” Jenni Herret, Kangaroos Funding and Communications Manager



What does the Gatwick Foundation Fund do?

Funding from the Gatwick Foundation Fund is equally divided between Sussex, Surrey and Kent and money will be awarded to charities, social enterprises, community groups and voluntary organisations that play an important role in the local community.

Grants may be used to fund existing services and facilities or new initiatives. Examples of the type of projects and causes that grants will be awarded for, are:

  • Employment, training and skills - helping people to gain confidence through training and development of new skills.
  • Families - supporting families and children in need and projects which combat social isolation and disadvantage.
  • Providing opportunities - supporting projects that enable young people to have opportunities that they would not otherwise have and to help them to widen their horizons and aspirations.
  • Elderly people - improving access to facilities and reducing isolation for the older generation.

Gatwick employees also have the opportunity to support the Gatwick Foundation Fund by volunteering their time or skills to projects and causes that are close to their hearts.

How can I apply for a grant?

Applications for grants are managed by the individual Community Foundations:

Kent Community Foundation 

Surrey Community Foundation 

Sussex Community Foundation