Action plans

We have ten action plans and each of these plans shows how our S106 Legal Agreement and our Decade of Change sustainability strategy are closely aligned to ensure that Gatwick Airport continues to grow sustainably. They also highlight our goals and the actions we're taking to deliver these two programmes. 

The action plans cover the following issues -  air quality, biodiversity, carbon, community, energy, local economy, noise, surface access, waste, and water quality and consumption. The current plans cover the period 2015-2018. 

Here you can read or download our action plans.

Action plans 2015 - 2018

Introduction and overview of our action plans

Air quality action plan: Our target is to improve air quality impacts

Biodiversity action plan: We want to have an award winning biodiversity approach

Carbon action plan: We want to reduce our carbon emissions by 50%* 
*scope 1 and 2 emissions against 1990 baseline

Community action plan: We aim to demonstrate we are a trusted and valued neighbour

Energy action plan: We want to reduce our energy consumption by 20% (against 1990 baseline)

Local economy action plan: We will fulfil our role as an economic driver of local, regional and national significance

Noise action plan: We are reducing the impact of operational noise

Surface access action plan: We will increase sustainable access options for our passengers and staff

Waste action plan: To achieve 70% recycling and zero untreated waste to landfill

Water action plan: We want to reduce our water consumption by 20% (against 2010 baseline)