We support local projects, events and charity partnerships

Supporting Local Causes

We care about local causes - and are proud to play an active role in our local community and across the region.

Our funding and grants aim to share the benefits of Gatwick to communities most affected by our operations.

We sponsor a range of local events with the aim of bringing people together.

Our charity partnerships support passengers and local communities.

We're looking forward to supporting more local projects.


Our colleagues support a range of causes

Our community work forms part of our sustainability policy

Supporting local communities forms part of our sustainability policy - our Decade of Change.

Our policy sets out our plan to invest resources in programmes and partnerships in the South East. We will also support those communities most affected by our operations.

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We support local causes through

Our funding and grants

We support community projects both large and small. Over £1 million has gone to good causes through our Foundation Fund.

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Our Event sponsorships

We've sponsored over 200 community events since 2015. This gives us an opportunity to connect with our community, and bring people together.

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Our Charity Partners

Our charity partnerships support passengers and local communities. We've raised over £1 million for charity since 2015.

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Our work with the community

We value good relationships with our neighbours and the wider community across the region.

We engage in a variety of ways to find out about what matters to people; and keep them up to date about airport issues. We also work with community groups and industry bodies on a range of issues of interest and concern.

Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee

One of the ways we are able to participate in community debate is the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM), the airport’s formal consultative body. 

It's run by West Sussex County Council with an independent chairperson and 32 committee members from groups across the region, representing a wide range of interests including civil aviation, passenger service, business development, tourism and environmental issues.

GATCOM meets quarterly, with appointed sub-committees to discuss specific matters in more detail.

We work with local groups across the South East

Airport engagement events

We host regular engagement events for local community representatives, supplying a behind the scenes view of the busiest single runway operation in the world and an opportunity to meet members of the Gatwick team to discuss the issues that are most important to local people.

If you represent the community in your area (e.g. neighbourhood, parish, town, district and county councillors) and would like to attend an event, get in touch with the team.

We're looking forward to supporting more local causes Find out how

Our Decade of Change


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Zero Waste

We send zero untreated waste to landfill

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Let's look forward, together

Our sustainability policy - the Decade of Change takes us to 2030
Second Decade of Change to 2030

Find out more about

Our support for local business

Our Economic Value report says a strong Gatwick could generate £8.4bn for the South East by 2028. That's the same as 50,000 jobs or 70,000 nurses.

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Our education programme

We inform, inspire and invest in young people and we open up the world of opportunities to everyone.  We offer help in developing the right skills for the right job. 

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Our decade of change

We're working hard towards being the UK's most sustainable airport. We've set ourselves ambitious goals, which include reaching net zero before 2040.

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