ADNID trial comes to an end

Gatwick Airport ran a six month trial of a departure route called ‘ADNID’. This trial ended on 8 August 2014 and all departing flights from Gatwick have now reverted to standard routings. 

The ADNID route, which was trialled on westerly departures from Gatwick, has been tested to gather data as part of wider work looking at how to use UK airspace more effectively and efficiently, as well as how to make the most of Gatwick’s single runway capacity.

This is part of the Government’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS), which all airports in the UK will be required to implement by 2020. 

Gatwick does not have any other ongoing trials on departing or arriving routes, and no further trials are planned at present. 

We will review all the data and feedback gathered from the ADNID trial and the consultation and IPSOS Mori will publish an independent report of the consultation feedback later this year. We will then use the findings from the trial and consultation to re-visit our airspace change proposal and route designs next year.

Standard departures

PR NAV ADNID trial departures

Further information

You can read our press release here and find out more about how we manage noise and airspace here.