Our approach to sustainability mirrors the obligations and commitments we signed up to in our S106 Legal Agreement back in 2008.

The Agreement was developed in partnership with both West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council and sets out key activities that we are legally obliged to undertake as we continue to develop Gatwick sustainably.

At the core of our journey towards a sustainable Gatwick we have created a 10 point sustainability plan – 10 issues and 10 years to achieve them.

Our 10 year plan By 2020 our plan is to:

  1. Demonstrate we are a trusted and valued neighbour by making a positive contribution to Gatwick’s local community
  2. Fulfil our role as an economic driver of local regional and national significance
  3. Increase sustainable access options for our passengers and staff
  4. Reduce carbon emissions by 50% against a 1990 baseline
  5. Work with airlines and partners to improve air quality
  6. Reduce the impact of operational noise
  7. Generate no waste to landfill and recycle 70% of Gatwick waste
  8. Reduce energy (against a 1990 baseline) and water consumption (against a 2010 baseline) by 20%
  9. Improve the quality of water leaving the airport
  10. Have an award winning approach to on-airport biodiversity

Our sustainability policy 

Decade of change performance reporting

Reporting our performance in the area of corporate responsibility has been an integral part of our business for many years. We are committed to a responsible Gatwick that strikes the balance between environmental impacts and the social and economic benefits of the airport, while offering our passengers a great service.

Our reports details performance across all key environmental impacts including air quality, noise, surface transport and the management of waste, water and energy use. We also demonstrate the role the airport plays in a strong regional and national economy, and how we continue to support our local community.

Our reporting programme also looks at our performance against our S106 Legal Agreement commitments. Each year we report against a range of activities which are independently verified by external consultants who endorse our performance against past targets and validate the targets and objectives that drive our performance in the year ahead. 

Annual performance reports

This report looks at the progress we have made since the launch of Decade of Change in Summer 2010. Issue by issue we set out our approach, performance and plans through to 2020. We’ve built on last year’s report by including more information about how we run the airport responsibly every day.

Download our latest Decade of change performance report

Decade of change report 2013 
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Decade of change report 2011  
Decade of change report 2010 
Sustainability performance report 2009
Sustainability performance report 2008  
Corporate responsibility report 2006/07 
Corporate responsibility report 2005/06

Or contact our sustainability team at sustainability@gatwickairport.com