Our approach is to make sure that sustainability is at the heart of the facilities we build, and the way we use them.

SustainabilityThis means making sure that new structures are compliant with current building standards and are designed in a way that they are adaptable to future pressures. It also means upgrading existing infrastructure through enhanced building management systems and installing energy efficient lighting. It also means making sure our employees, our business partners’ employees and our passengers use our terminals, operational buildings and airfield in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Our Decade of Change 2020 priorities are to:

  • Energy and water consumption – a 20% reduction in energy consumption against our 1990 baseline with 25% of energy to come from renewable sources and a 20% reduction in water use against the 2010 baseline
  • Waste - generate no untreated waste to landfill and achieve a 70% waste recycling rate
  • Surface water – continually improve the quality of water leaving the airport
  • Biodiversity – have an award-winning biodiversity approach through achieving a nationally recognised award for ecological awareness

To deliver these targets it is important that we work with our partners. We can influence how our partners behave, how they use the energy and water we provide and how they manage their waste processes. But ultimately we need to work with them to ensure that our strategic approaches are aligned. We want to develop an environment in which our partners and airport employees are empowered to change the way they work to operate more sustainably. We will do this through the Gatwick Sustainability Group. This will be split into two groups – one airline focused and the other to include all other companies operating at Gatwick.

Monitoring and reporting our performance against our 2020 targets, and the milestones that will help us get there, is a key component of Decade of Change. By effective and comprehensive data analysis we can identify priority areas for improvement – ongoing analysis will continue to highlight where we need to focus our attention. We track Gatwick’s energy and water consumption continuously, monitor on-airport waste each day and constantly check the quality of waste water leaving the airport.