In 2008 Gatwick Airport signed a legal agreement with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council (following consultation with seven other local authorities).

SustainabilityThe agreement contains far-reaching objectives and obligations and outlines how the airport's operation, growth and environmental impacts will be managed responsibly. It underpins the important relationship between the airport owner and its local authorities with responsibility for planning, environmental management and highways.

Legal Agreement

Read our full legal agreement (275KB)

Air quality

Air quality action plan (741KB)


Noise action plan 2013-2018 (2MB) 

Noise action plan 2010-2015 (773KB)

Summary noise action plan (720KB)

Surface access

Surface access action plan (422KB)


Energy action plan (264KB)

Low carbon action plan (440KB)

Water and waste

Waste action plan (285KB)

Water quality action plan (409KB)


Community action plan (404KB)

Biodiversity action plan (440KB)

Sustainability performance review

This is an independent audit of our sustainability performance reporting.

Performance review 2013

Performance review 2012

Performance review 2011

Performance review 2010

Performance review 2009