While we are no longer actively persuing an additional runway at Gatwick, here you can find all the documents relating to the Government's Airports Commission process from 2013 to 2015. Gatwick Airport made numerous detailed submissions to the Airports Commission and the Government which are published on this page. You can also read our response to relevant Government consultations.

Other documents

The documents and submissions are split into different sections by topic or period so that you can find what you're looking for more easily and these are listed below: 

  • Our submissions and correspondence with the Government after the Airports Commission's final recommendation in July 2015.
  • Documents relating to air quality
  • Our response to the Airports Commission Consultation
  • Updated scheme designs
  • Runway options public consultation
  • Other documents

Gatwick Airport’s submission in response to the Revised Draft Aviation NPS


Documents and correspondence from July 2015 to date


Airports Commission submissions: air quality


Response to Airports Commission Consultation - February 2015


Updated scheme design submission May 2014