Commercial | Gatwick Airport


Commercial projects, including retail and surface access


The commercial programme of work focuses on our retail, property and surface access activities here at Gatwick. Everything we do is designed to make the airport experience better for both our passengers and our staff. With non-aeronautical revenue being about 50% of all revenue at the airport, the commercial programme has a critical role to play. Whether we are building new office accommodation, new road systems, car parks or the essential shopping and food outlets that passengers rely on, our teams are delivering for the airport every single day.

£200 million investment 

The Commercial Programme will be handling £200 million worth of projects over the next five years as part of the Capital Investment Programme (CIP).  

We have over 150 shops and restaurants, all tailored to what our passengers want. At any one time around one-third of our outlets may be undergoing minor modifications, being redesigned or fitted out. With units taking anywhere between seven and 14 months from business case to opening, it's all about planning ahead for success.

As passenger numbers grow we expect to expand space in our departure lounges, with new toilets, additional seating, new food and beverage offers and retail units all contained in our plans. 

Surface transport

Our surface transport facilities are the often the first experience passengers have when arriving at Gatwick - whether that is parking their car, accessing a hotel or navigating between terminals, the efficient use of space and the needs to create a good first impression. 

Our surface access is crucial to our growth and we have a full programme of upgrades planned for short and long stay car parking facilities, our road systems and our rail station.  

Rail and road improvements

The raft of improvements include:

  • A train to central London every 2.5 minutes in peak hours by 2019
  • New Gatwick Express and Thameslink trains in service from 2016
  • Quicker journey times to the West End and City, than from Heathrow
  • 15 million people brought within 60 minutes of Gatwick – more than any UK airport
  • 1000 rail stations within one change, including links to all UK main rail lines, Crossrail and HS2
  • Committed upgrades to M25 and M23, including smart motorway system, complete by 2020

Put into context, a doubling of rail capacity by 2020 means 4,000 additional seats to the capital every hour with longer and more spacious trains, transforming rail services for both air passengers and local commuters. Other planned infrastructure improvements – such as Brighton Mainline re-signalling and junction replacements – will nearly treble capacity by 2035.