Terminals and baggage

Terminals and baggage


Our passengers rely on the efficiency of our terminal operations and our baggage systems every day. With record-breaking passenger growth here at Gatwick, it’s essential we continue to invest smartly to ensure passengers have a great experience. Our aim is to improve the look and feel of the terminals, while also bringing efficiency to processes through technology, such as self-service bag drop, security scanners and automated gates at immigration and boarding. By working smarter we can deliver growth for the airport from our existing infrastructure.  

Airline moves, delivered in early 2017, is a great example of a huge project delivered to improve all aspects of airport operation. By moving our biggest airlines, we have made better use of space, enabled operational efficiency and improved our passengers' experience.

We have a number of projects that we will deliver over the next five years, representing an investment of over £150 million. One of our key commitments to passengers is to reduce queues even more. Our North Terminal re-development - which now houses the largest self-service bag drop facility in the world – shows how this can be done, with 95% of passengers dropping their bags with a wait of less than 5 minutes.

More and more of our airlines are automating their check-in process and we will continue to invest in the infrastructure to support  this. We want to build on the success of self-service bag drop  to also automate the boarding process at the gate, improving both efficiency and on-time performance. Automation has also helped to reduce queues at the border, and we will invest in more automated gates at Immigration in both terminals over the next couple of years.    

Improving access

Accessibility throughout the airport is core to our values. We’re investing in new lifts to help passengers and staff who travel to the airport via local buses to directly access South Terminal.  We are also expanding and upgrading the waiting area for passengers with restricted mobility in the North Terminal departure lounge. 


Our baggage systems are integral to the smooth operation of the airport and while they may be hidden away from the passenger’s eyes, it is essential these systems are robust and up-to-date.  We are investing over £200 million over the next five years on baggage, much of which is to upgrade our hold baggage screening equipment to state-of-the-art technology.  The safety and security of our passengers in our number one priority and investment in technology of this kind will always be of paramount importance.    

Like our airfield projects, baggage work is subject to meticulous planning to ensure that short night time working windows are used to maximum effect, and complex upgrades never disturb the smooth running of the airport.