Growth and Prosperity

We're looking forward to more local jobs for local people

Generating £1.5 billion for the local area and region by 2038

We're the biggest single driver of economic growth in the region - that's West and East Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Our Northern Runway would create growth for businesses onsite and the supply chain. The project would allow existing business to expand. And improved connectivity would attract new businesses to the area.

This would concentrate business activity, create new jobs and increase the region's economy.

Our Economic Value report says a strong Gatwick allows the region to grow and diversify.

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We're looking forward to creating more local jobs for local people

We provide significant value to the economy through:

  • Our onsite activities
  • Our supply chain
  • Other businesses located in the region

Our community work forms part of our sustainability policy

Boosting our local economy forms part of our sustainability policy - our Decade of Change.

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We're proud of our work so far

Our apprentice programme

We've been offering apprenticeships for over 40 years. In 2020, our Engineering Apprenticeship was voted number two in the UK.

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Our support for local business

Our Economic Value report says a strong Gatwick could generate £8.4bn for the South East by 2028. That's the same as 50,000 jobs or 70,000 nurses.

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Our work with local schools

In 2019, we hosted 24 school groups at the airport. We support initiatives that promote careers in STEM - science, technology, engineering and maths.

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Our Northern Runway will make it happen Find out more about our plans

Our Decade of Change


£8.4 billion for the region by 2028

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Zero Waste

Zero untreated waste goes to landfill

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200 grants for local projects

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Net zero direct emissions by 2040

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94% of flights use new fuel-efficient planes

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Let's look forward, together

Our sustainability policy - the Decade of Change takes us to 2030
Second Decade of Change to 2030

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Our support for local causes

We have a strong programme of community investment. We support a range of initiatives and events across Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

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Our education programme

We inform, inspire and invest in young people and we open up the world of opportunities to everyone.  We offer help in developing the right skills for the right job. 

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Our decade of change

We continue to work towards being the UK’s most sustainable airport. There’s still more to do. Our Decade of Change policy takes us to 2030.

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