Our 46 million annual passengers are at the heart of our future plans, and we’re looking forward to increasing the number of destinations we can offer.

Our plan

By bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use, we can unlock extra capacity at the airport. At present this runway is used for aircraft to taxi to their gate, or when the Main Runway is closed for maintenance or emergencies. Bringing it into routine use will increase our global connections and give our passengers even more travel options. 

Five ways we’re improving our reach

  1. We currently offer over 230 global destinations – more than any other UK airport.
  2. In recent years, Gatwick has grown to over 60 long-haul destinations including new routes to established markets in the US, China and Middle East and high-growth global economies in South America and Asia
  3. We’ll be able to improve our facilities, using new technology to transform our passengers’ experience.
  4. Our Capital Investment Programme has focused £3 billion of continued investment on improving both passenger facilities and operational performance.
  5. In 2017, an estimated £7.5 billion of international goods were transported through Gatwick between UK and overseas markets. Over two-thirds of this trade value was made up of exports from the UK.

Whether you use the airport for business, pleasure, or both, our plans for sustainable growth will make it even easier for you to connect to the rest of the world. 

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How will the Northern Runway plans be delivered?

To bring the Northern Runway into routine use, its centre line will be repositioned by 12 metres to enable dual runway operations with the Main Runway and to meet all international safety standards. 

There will also be improvements to airfield facilities and extensions to the airport terminals which will sit alongside other passenger improvement works across the airport such as the redevelopment of the train station. All Northern Runway works will be privately financed and will be delivered whilst minimising the impact on existing airport operations. 

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