With Gatwick currently supporting 1 in 12 jobs across the Gatwick Diamond area (which stretches from London to Brighton, and Horsham to East Grinstead), we recognise the huge number of livelihoods that depend on our airport.

Our plan

By bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use, we can unlock extra capacity at Gatwick. At present this runway is used for aircraft to taxi to their gate, or when the Main Runway is closed for maintenance or emergencies. Bringing it into routine use will help generate thousands of job opportunities in a range of sectors. 

Five ways we’re helping to create jobs

  1. Gatwick currently supports around 85,000 UK jobs, according to economic research.
  2. Our plans for expansion are forecast to create thousands more jobs at the airport and across the UK
  3. Our One Destination Employability Programme provides courses for unemployed local residents, giving them the skills needed to work for one of the many employers based at the airport.
  4. The airport attracts a range of businesses to the area, including the headquarters of a number of international companies.
  5. In addition to Gatwick’s own programmes, external investment such as Boeing’s new multi-million-pound hangar is also creating new job opportunities at the airport and in the local supply chain

Through innovative and sustainable development of the airport, we can continue to create and promote job opportunities for the region.

Explore job opportunities at Gatwick

How will the Northern Runway plans be delivered?

To bring the Northern Runway into routine use, its centre line will be repositioned by 12 metres to enable dual runway operations with the Main Runway and to meet all international safety standards. 

There will also be improvements to airfield facilities and extensions to the airport terminals which will sit alongside other passenger improvement works across the airport such as the redevelopment of the train station. All Northern Runway works will be privately financed and will be delivered whilst minimising the impact on existing airport operations. 

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