As the UK’s second busiest airport, Gatwick welcomes 5.5 million overseas visitors to the UK each year. These guests spend almost 10 million nights in the region’s hotels and are an important source of income for local restaurants, shops and visitor attractions.

Our plan

By bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use, we will increase the capacity of our airport. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our region to even more visitors and boost the local tourism industry. 

Five ways we’re supporting local tourism

  1. In 2018, Gatwick brought together a number of regional partners to form a new ‘Gateway Gatwick’ group, which allows key organisations to share information and coordinate activity to promote tourism in the region.
  2. We collaborated on a recent series of visitor guides, showcasing the best of what the region has to offer to international visitors.
  3. On-airport promotional space helps to market the region and key attractions to tourists.
  4. We use our social, digital and customer channels to share tourism information and promote the area.
  5. The 5.5 million overseas travellers who come through Gatwick each year spend £3.9 billion on British goods.

Gatwick sits at the heart of a vibrant, thriving region. We’re proud to be a gateway for local tourism and are looking forward to seeing this benefit from our development. 

How does Gatwick support local tourism?

How will the Northern Runway plans be delivered?

To bring the Northern Runway into routine use, its centre line will be repositioned by 12 metres to enable dual runway operations with the Main Runway and to meet all international safety standards. 

There will also be improvements to airfield facilities and extensions to the airport terminals which will sit alongside other passenger improvement works across the airport such as the redevelopment of the train station. All Northern Runway works will be privately financed and will be delivered whilst minimising the impact on existing airport operations. 

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