Gatwick plays a vital role in supporting local, national and international trade. We are one of the UK’s major transport hubs and have over 230 global destinations – more than any other UK airport.

Our plan

Bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use will allow us to offer more new routes to the UK’s key trading partners. At present this runway is mostly used for aircraft to taxi to their gate, or when the Main Runway is closed for maintenance or emergencies. We can make better use of it, increasing trade opportunities for local businesses. 

Five ways we’re boosting trade opportunities

  1. In 2017, an estimated £7.5 billion of international goods were transported through Gatwick between UK and overseas markets. Over two-thirds of this trade value was made up of exports from the UK.
  2. Modelling suggests that trade activity centred on Gatwick added £7.2 billion to UK GDP in 2017.
  3. Businesses in the Gatwick Diamond region (which stretches from London to Brighton, and Horsham to East Grinstead) are 1.5 times more likely to export than the national average, while productivity in the local area is 11% above the national average.
  4. We serve more destinations than any other UK airport, including 29 European capital cities and 15 of the top 18 European business destinations.
  5. In recent years, Gatwick has grown to over 60 long-haul destinations including new routes to established markets in the US, China and the Middle East and high-growth global economies in South America and Asia.

Gatwick plays an important part in supporting local businesses. By making the best use of our runways, we can help you to reach even more trading partners.

Study into the economic impact of Gatwick Airport

How will the Northern Runway plans be delivered?

To bring the Northern Runway into routine use, its centre line will be repositioned by 12 metres to enable dual runway operations with the Main Runway and to meet all international safety standards. 

There will also be improvements to airfield facilities and extensions to the airport terminals which will sit alongside other passenger improvement works across the airport such as the redevelopment of the train station. All Northern Runway works will be privately financed and will be delivered whilst minimising the impact on existing airport operations. 

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