Our Runway Rehab

It's time for our main runway to get a face lift

It's our key asset

Measuring 3,337 metres long and 44 metres wide, our main runway is the beating heart of our operation. Built in the 1950's with concrete, on busy days it can handle over 950 movements a day. Without it, the airport is more like a shopping centre.
We last re-surfaced our runway in 2012. We added 50mm of new asphalt to the top, designed to last 9 years. In 2016, we began a yearly patching programme, to extend the design life.

Our main runway is in need of a face lift

The problem? We've laid asphalt onto 1950's concrete pavement. This causes cracks and can lead to unplanned runway closures.

Re-surfacing requires military precision

Success is a team effort

It requires careful planning, teamwork and the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our Plan

We've spent time to find a solution that drives best value. We will focus on the area that needs it most - the section that sees high traffic.

Target our work to the area on the runway that needs it most

We will remove old asphalt, recycling this material and giving it a new life in a new place. We will lay 40,000 tonnes of new asphalt in the central section of the runway.

We currently plan to complete this three month programme in Spring 2022. This will deliver a runway that is fit for the future.

runway improvements take place at night when the runway is closed

To complete this project, work takes place overnight between 11pm and 5.30am. This minimises the impact to airport operations.

This project includes:

  • A seven year design life
  • 40,000 tonnes of asphalt
  • Minimal impact to operations
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