Local consultation on changes to Gatwick's highway network

image of parking signage
As part of plans to introduce a charge for use of the passenger forecourts, Gatwick plans to convert many of our roads from Clearways to Red Routes, and as such is updating the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) for the road network.  

These proposals are required in order to maintain the safety of road users, to preserve the amenities of the area and enable effective enforcement of the road network at Gatwick Airport. As part of the statutory consultation process, a Notice of Proposals was issued on Wednesday 13 January to notify local stakeholders about the proposed changes.

The effect of the new Order is to:

  • Apply Waiting, Loading, Parking and Clearway restrictions in the form of Red Route Controls, where the stopping of vehicles is prohibited at any time.
  • Revoke any existing Waiting, Loading, Parking and Clearway restrictions on the relevant roads and areas.
  • Revoke any existing Waiting, Loading, Parking and Clearway restrictions on South Terminal and North Terminal forecourts (with these controls replaced by the contractual terms and conditions of use as identified on signage in the forecourts).

Any person(s) wishing to object or make other representatives relating to this Order must do so within 21 days from the date on which the notice of proposals is published (Wednesday 13 January). Any objection should be made in writing, it should state the grounds on which it is made, and it should be send to:

Traffic Regulation Orders
Property Department
Gatwick Airport Ltd.
5th Floor Destinations Place
South Terminal, Gatwick Airport
West Sussex,

A hard copy of these drawings is also available to view at Reception at First Point. However, please do bear in mind current lockdown restrictions before travelling to the airport. Visitors must wear a face covering inside airport buildings unless exempt for medical reasons.

First Point
Buckingham Gate
Gatwick Airport
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