Government consultations

Government consultations

On this page you can find documents we have published or submitted to the Government in response to consultations or other national policy issues.

Aviation strategy call for evidence

Read the Aviation Strategy document

Response to draft air quality plan and related documents

Supplementary response on air quality to the draft airports National Policy Statement summary

Letter from Stewart Wingate to Caroline Low

Letter from Stewart Wingate to Susannah May

Response to the draft airports National Policy Statement (NPS)

On 25 May 2017, we published our response to the draft Airports National Policy statement. You can read our response and supporting documents below.

Letter from Gatwick CEO, Stewart Wingate, regarding Gatwick's response to NPS

Gatwick Airport Ltd consultation response

Appendix 1 - Detailed response to question 2 of NPS

Appendix 2 - Air quality response to NPS 

Appendix 3 - HRA screening report

Appendix 4 - HRA report 2 - RPS technical review

Response to the UK Airspace Policy Consultation

You can read our response to the UK Airspace Policy Consultation, along with a letter from our CEO, Stewart Wingate, regarding our response to the consultation.