Section 106 (S106)

Gatwick has a S106 legal agreement with local authorities

Working with our local authorities to limit the impacts of the airport on our local communities
We work with local authorities on social, environmental and economic matters. This signed S106 agreement is with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council. (Following consultation with seven other local authorities in the area).

The agreement

The agreement reflects a shared desire to see the airport grow. And with measures in place to minimise as far as possible its short and long term impacts.
The current agreement runs until the end of 2021.
We report our annual performance to our Consultative Committee (GATCOM).

Action plans

We have ten action plans. Each of these plans shows how our S106 Legal Agreement aligns with our Decade of Change. They also highlight our goals and the actions we're taking to deliver them.
The action plans cover the following issues: 
  • Air quality
  • Biodiversity
  • Carbon
  • Community
  • Energy
  • Local economy
  • Noise
  • Surface access
  • Waste
  • Water quality and consumption
These action plans extend until the end of 2021.

Section 106 Agreement


Section 106 Annual Monitoring Reports