For information on booking assistance or for a range of advice on travelling with different needs, then please visit our special assistance pages.

Special assistance seating

Q: I have special needs. What facilities are available at the airport?

A: We aim to offer all our passengers good facilities, easily accessed and well signposted. We also want all our customers to feel included in the travelling experience, regardless of any special needs they may have. Visit the special assistance pages for Gatwick Airport to find out more about the facilities available.

Q: Is there any help I can ask for to get to the airport?

A: Most public transport operators have arrangements for passengers with special needs and information about these services can be found on our public transport pages. There are priority parking spaces and extra help on hand at our airport car parks should you be arriving at the airport by car.

Q: How can I  pre-arrange special assistance?

A: If you have a disability or you experience mobility difficulties and need help to get to your flight, you should contact your airline at least 48 hours before you fly to let them know you need assistance. It helps to give as much notice as possible for both the outward and return journey so we can organise the help you need.

Q:  Do you consult with disability organisations?

A: Gatwick regularly meets and consults with disability organisations, as well as representatives from our Consultative Committee Gatcom and our Passenger Advisory Group (PAG). We also engage with organisations working with hidden disabilities such as the National Autism Society, RNIB, Mencap and Alzheimer’s Society. We are however always willing to engage to ensure we address needs. Please contact us through the contact form to get in touch.

You can find details of our dialogue and activity with various disability organisations in this document. 

Q: Do you report on your performance standards in this area?

A: Here's our service level agreement for what you should expect from us as a passenger with reduced mobility or a disability while you are at the airport.  

We publish performance against these service standards every six months. You can view all our performance reports on our reporting page and the bi-annual reports which include PRM data are clearly marked. 

If you want more information about the help we can give you at Gatwick, please call +44 (0)344 892 0322 and select option 5.

If you forget or are unable to pre-book assistance, we will still try to help. Please use one of the many help points around the airport, forecourts or car parks or go to the PRM assistance desks located in both North and South terminals.

Help points and PRM assistance points are marked on our terminal maps