Coronavirus questions

We are reacting to this serious and fast-moving issue, making decisions daily, and will continue to review the situation as it evolves. We’ve compiled some answers to some of your most frequently asked questions with regards to coronavirus and travel. See more here.

From 1 April 2020, we are temporarily closing our North Terminal and remaining flights will arrive and depart from our South Terminal. However, with many flights now being cancelled, we recommend that you keep in contact with your airline for the latest information. You can also check our live daily flight information.

What precautionary measures are in place at Gatwick?


Are there hand sanitisers at the airport?


Are there temperature checks in place for passengers at Gatwick?


Are there queues at the airport?


Can I fly if I have a cold?


Should I wear a facemask when I travel?


What do I do if I’ve arrived from a country with confirmed cases?


What should I do if my flight has been cancelled?


What are my rights if my travel plans are cancelled?


My flight time has changed, do I need to let you know?


My flight has been cancelled/my travel plans have changed, can I also cancel the service I’ve booked?


I can’t get back to Gatwick for my original parking booking end time. Will I be charged extra?


Is the North Terminal sensory room still open?


Are the lounges at Gatwick still open?


Are National Express coach services operating as normal?


Are train services operating as normal?


Are local bus services operating as normal?


Are hotel shuttle bus services running?


My car is parked in North Terminal, how do I get it?