Security FAQs

For your safety there are certain rules that have to be followed when going through security. If you have questions about security, we've answered them below. 

What is a liquid?

Any liquid, gel, cream, paste, spray or aerosol are restricted items. This includes drinks, water, toiletries, perfumes, cosmetics as well as food items that contain high volumes of liquids, such as soups or yoghurts. It also applies to spreads, jams and preserves. See our security advice for more information about liquids.

How many liquids 100ml or under can I carry? 

You can carry as many items that fit in to the 20cmx20cm clear plastic bag. There’s one bag allowed per person and it must be sealed. The bags are available for free in our security areas.

Is it the amount of liquid or the container size that is measured?

The container size is measured, regardless of how much liquid it contains. It must also state the capacity of the container.

What are the rules if I’m travelling with children?

If you’re travelling with children you can do the following:

  • carry milk powder in your hand luggage (there are no limits for powder formula).
  • carry ready-to-drink cartons of formula and self-prepared milk or sterilised water in your hand luggage.
  • carry baby food in your hand luggage.
  • take an additional item of hand luggage (even when travelling with a child who has no seat assigned to them).
  • take buggies to the gate (although you will need to take your child out while it’s being x-rayed).
  • take baby car seats through security for use on the plane.

We always recommend to check baggage restrictions with your airline to be sure.

What are the rules if I’m travelling with medicines and medical equipment?

You’re allowed to take essential medicines sufficient for your trip. There is no limit on the amount, but you will be asked to provide proof such as a doctor's letter or prescription. All medicines will be subject to additional security screening. See our security advice for more information about medicines.

What about if I’m travelling with duty free alcohol or perfumes?

Oversized liquids purchased as duty free or tax free must be in a clear sealed, tamper proof bag with the receipt inside of the bag. If in doubt, ensure that your duty free purchases are checked in to the hold of the aircraft.

Can I take my knitting needles or crochet hooks through security?

Yes, you can take knitting needles or crochet hooks with you both in your hand baggage and hold luggage.

I’m still unclear about what I can/can’t carry in hand luggage

Find out more about items you can and can’t take through security.

I have a pace maker, what do I need to do?

If you have a pace maker or any other medical device that may be affected by walking through an archway metal detector, please advise our security officers prior to going through security. Make sure you have your medical card to state that you are wearing a sensitive medical device.

I have a hip/joint replacement, what do I need to do?

If you have a hip/joint replacement or any metal implants in your body, they are likely to set off the metal detector. If this happens, you will need to be searched by one of our security guards. There is no need to bring any proof of metal implants with you but letting our security guards know may be helpful.

Do I have to remove shoes and jewellery before going through security?

By removing shoes, metallic jewellery, belts or any other removable items you greatly reduce the chance of activating our walk through metal detectors, therefore speeding up your journey through security. We advise that any high value items you remove are placed into your hand baggage to keep them safe and secure.

Can I request to be searched privately? 

Yes, anyone can request a private search for either themselves or for their hand baggage if you have a valid reason, for example a condition that you may wish to be dealt with privately or if you’re carrying items that you do not wish to be searched in a public area. Just ask a member of staff and we will arrange this for you.

Any searches carried out in private are witnessed by an additional security officer and you are welcome to have a travelling companion be there with you too.

Can I refuse to go through the security scanner?

You have the right to refuse to go through our security scanners, however your reasoning will be questioned by a member of staff for security reasons. The alternative can be a body search carried out in a private search area. Find out more about our security scanners and how they work.

Once I go through security can I exit the airport?

Once through security, there is no way to exit before getting on your flight. Please note, there is no facility to smoke once through security.

What do I do if I need assistance through security?

If you need special assistance at the airport, please make sure you've booked it in advance through your airline. Once booked you will be met on your arrival by our dedicated team and assisted through the airport. More information for passengers with reduced mobility.