Long-term plans

Long-term plans

Draft master plan 2018

Our draft master plan consultation has now closed.

Thank you if you gave your feedback. We will be publishing a consultation summary report and our final master plan later this year. You can still read our draft master plan and find out about our growth plans for Gatwick on this page. 

Planning for the future

As part of the airport planning process - and reflecting industry best practice - Gatwick creates and regularly publishes a ‘master plan’ to show how the airport intends to develop and grow in the longer term. The master plan also helps to inform the wider regional and local planning process.

Draft master planOur 2018 draft master plan sets out proposals for the airport’s ongoing development and sustainable growth. In it we explain our latest thinking on how the airport can meet the increasing demand for air travel and provide Britain with enhanced global connectivity. 

We also demonstrate how we can create new opportunities for the region and continue to bolster the local economy for future generations, while doing everything possible to develop and grow in a sustainable way - striking the right balance between economic growth and environmental impact.

This draft master plan is also a direct response to the Government’s recent call for UK airports to look at ‘making best use of their existing runways’ and we explore how Gatwick could grow across three scenarios:

  1.  Main runway: using new technologies to increase capacity

    In the near term, the airport has explored how deploying new technology could increase the capacity of the main runway, offering incremental growth through more efficient operations.

  2. Standby runway: innovative plan to bring existing standby runway into use

    Under its current planning agreement, Gatwick’s existing standby runway is only used when the main runway is closed for maintenance or emergencies. However, the 40-year planning agreement will come to an end in 2019. The draft master plan sets out for the first time how we could potentially bring our existing standby runway into routine use for departing flights, alongside the main runway, by the mid-2020s.

    This innovative development, which would meet all international safety requirements, would be delivered without increasing the airport’s noise footprint and provide greater operational resilience.

  3. Additional runway: safeguarding for the future

    While we are not actively pursuing the option of a building a brand new runway to the south of the airport - as we did through the Airports Commission process - we believe it is in the national interest to continue to safeguard this land for the future as part of our master plan.

You can view the full draft master plan and an aerial film highlighting the location of the three scenarios outlined in the draft master plan. We have also created high resolution versions of some of the maps included in our draft master plan at the bottom of this page. .

Our draft master plan consultation document explains the consultation in more detail.


Public consultation and exhibitions

Our public consultation has now closed. 

The views of our local communities, partners and stakeholders are important to us. When we published our draft master plan in October 2018, we held a public consultation which ran for 12 weeks up to 10 January 2019.

During this period, we held seven public exhibitions on our plans for growth where members of the public had the opportunity to come along, speak to the Gatwick team and find out more about our plans for growing Gatwick. We also displayed our exhibition materials at two events at Gatwick. 

Public exhibitions were held in Brighton, Crawley, Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Horley, Horsham and Tunbridge Wells. The venues were selected across the Gatwick region to ensure a reasonable travelling time, both by car and public transport. 

There are copies of the full draft master plan document are still available at several public libraries, also listed below.

What happens next?

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to come along to one of our exhibitions and give their views through our consultation.

Later this year, we will be publishing a consultation response summary and our final master plan.

Library  Address
Brighton Jubilee Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE
Crawley Southgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 6HG
East Grinstead 32-40 West Street, East Grinstead, RH19 4SR
Edenbridge The Eden Centre, Four Elms Road, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 6BY
Horley Victoria Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7AB
Horsham Lower Tanbridge Way, Horsham, RH12 1PJ
Lingfield The Guest House, Vicarage Rd, Lingfield RH7 6HA
Tunbridge Wells 84 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1JN

 Draft master plan high resolution maps

(please note these are large files)

Plan 4: Location Plan 

Plan 5: Key Features 

Plan 6: Land Use

Plan 7: Surface Water Drainage 
Plan 8: Landscape & Biodiversity Assets Plan 9: Airport Layout 2022 Plan 13: Surface Access Key Features Plan 14: Air Noise Map Summer Day 2017
Plan 15: Air Noise Map Summer Night 2017 Plan 16: Air Noise Map Summer Day 2022 Plan 17: Air Noise Map Summer Night 2022 Plan 18: Airport Layout Main Runway 2032
Plan 19: Airport Layout (Standby & Main Runway 2032) Plan 20: Airport Layout (Additional Runway) Plan  21: Safeguarded Land Plan 22: Surface Access
Plan 23: Air Noise Map Summer Day 2028 Plan 24: Summer Night 2028 Plan 25: Air Noise Map Summer Day 2032  Plan 26: Air Noise Map Summer Night 2032
Plan 27: Air Noise Map Summer Day 2028 Plan 28: Air Noise Map Summer Night 2028 Plan 29: Air Noise Map Summer Day 2032  Plan 30: Air Noise Map Summer Night 2032
Plan 31 - Air Noise Map Summer 2040      


Master plan 2012

Our current master plan was published in 2012 and will be replaced in 2019, once our draft master plan is finalised.

Gatwick master plan 2012 
Gatwick master plan appendices 2012