Drop off and pick up

Dropping someone off by car outside the terminal buildings?

Sign showing new drop off charge sign outside Gatwick North TerminalThe drop off zones are located directly outside the airport terminals and are the most convenient place for dropping off passengers quickly and easily.

A minimum £5 charge now applies to use the designated drop off zone in both North and South Terminals.

We recommend that you use the short-stay car parks for pick-ups as this tends to take longer than dropping off. Please note that normal charges apply in the car parks. Alternatively you can drop off, pick up and park for free up to 2 hours in our Long Stay car park. See below for details.

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All flights are currently operating to and from our North Terminal

Charges and how to pay

  • £5 for 10 minutes
  • £1 for each additional minute up to 20 minutes.
  • Maximum charge of £25 and the maximum length of stay 30 mins.


Payment must be made by midnight the day after the visit to drop off passengers at the forecourt.

Non-payment will be enforced through Parking Charge Notices at a charge of £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Payment options

Choose from one of the below payment options:

New number plate-reading camera technology, barrier-free traffic flow and easy payment options are in place to enable easy airport drop offs without the need to locate change or your wallet. Simply pay at your convenience using one of our many payment methods.

Drop off zone - North TerminalNorth Terminal Charging Zones


The North Terminal forecourt drop off area is on the lower level between the Sofitel and the multi-storey car park and is signposted from the approach roads. Charges apply from 8 March.

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South Terminal Charging ZoneDrop off zone - South Terminal


The South Terminal drop off area is located on the lower level and is signposted from the approach roads. Charges apply from 12 April.

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