Resident parking discount scheme FAQs | Gatwick Airport

Resident parking discount scheme FAQs

How does the system work?

Vehicle registration details are stored in a central secure database. Once your vehicle registration number is read on exit, and provided your stay has been less than 20 minutes the barrier will raise assuming there is an available ‘pass’ in your account balance. One ‘pass’ will be deducted from your balance (opening balance is 250 ‘passes’).

What happens if I have stayed under 20 minutes but at the exit barrier I am asked for a payment?

The vehicle registration read rate of our equipment is very high, however in the unlikely event this happens, please press the intercom button.  You will be asked by the staff member to confirm your name and your registration number.

What happens if I want to stay longer than 20 minutes?

If you stay in the short stay car parks for longer than 20 minutes, standard tariffs apply from the time you entered the car park. There is no discount to normal car parking prices and no ‘pass’ would be decremented from your account.

How do I check my balance?

For a detailed statement of the ‘uses’ it is possible to log on to your online account using your email and password.

How many vehicle registration numbers can I have per address?

We will allow up to 3 different vehicle registration numbers per residential account. Only one account per address.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

We will provide all online applications with a confirmation email within  48 hours of application submission date. This email will detail payment taken, all registration numbers included into the scheme and the expiry date as well as your online login details.

What is Express Pick Up?

The Express Pick Up area is a designated area within a short stay car park of each terminal which facilitates a quick pick up process. Within this area no vehicles are allowed to be left unattended, meaning it is a loading and unloading area only. It allows drivers and passengers to meet at an easily identifiable area.

How do I find express pick up?

Drivers follow the signs to the short stay car parks of your relevant terminal. Then follow the signage into the Express Pick Up area within either car park 3 (ground floor) in the South Terminal.

Passengers follow the signs for the exits and then to the short stay car parks. The express pick up areas will be signed appropriately on the floor and lift signage of car park 3.

How do I use the long stay car parks free pick up facility?

Drivers follow signs for the long stay car park of the relevant terminal. Take a ticket at entry and park in the open zone as any other normal long stay customer. Use the free shuttle bus to the terminal to meet your passengers before returning to your vehicle on the free shuttle bus. Your stay in the long stay car park is limited to 2 hours before standard tariffs apply.

Alternatively, ask your passengers to follow signs for the long stay buses. Take the free shuttle bus to the long stay car parks and you are able to meet them at the designated bays adjacent to the Free Pick Up bus stop.

Can I add, remove or amend the registration numbers provided on my application?

Yes, we allow up to two changes to car registration numbers per year. These changes can be completed by logging on to your online account, or calling 0844 811 8311.

What happens if I stay over 20 minutes?

If you take longer than 20 minutes to take a ticket from the entry barrier and re-enter it into the exit barrier standard car parking tariffs apply. Full details of our short stay prices can be found at :

What happens once my 250 passes have run out?

There are only 250 passes allowed on each account per calendar year. Once these passes have been used, residents will be charged standard car parking rates.

How long do I have to use my passes?

You have one calendar year from account activation to use your 250 passes

Can I carry my unused passes over to the following calendar year?

No, it is not possible to carry over unused ‘passes’ past the annual renewal date.

What happens when my scheme membership is up for renewal?

You will be notified by email 1 month before your membership is due to expire.

For customers who do not have access to the internet we will provide correspondence by post.

What happens if the system demands a payment at exit? 

Press the intercom button at the exit barrier. Provide your car registration number to the staff member who will then check your details on the system. The staff member will then raise the barrier and take one ‘pass’ off the account.

What happens if I have pre-booked a longer stay for a holiday?

Please wait slightly longer at the entrance barriers. The system will recognise your vehicle registration plate and cross reference this with your pre-booking details. A ticket will be produced with your pre booking number above the barcode and you can carry on your parking as normal. No ‘passes’ will be deducted from your scheme balance.