IT Services

We understand what it takes to keep your business operations running smoothly, which is why we offer a range of reliable IT services for businesses at Gatwick.

  • A wide range of services with standardised monthly rates
  • 24*7 IT service desk and field support team located onsite at Gatwick.
  • Easy to order or cancel services via phone or email
  • Pay as you go based on the volume of services consumed each month
  • Services delivered by Gatwick IT teams who are experienced with the airport environment
  • Connect different facilities of your business on campus to a single IT network

For companies based at Gatwick looking to connect to Wifi, network points, data centre hosting, flight information display screens or video feeds we offer a convenient and cost effective service.

Our products and services

IT Infrastructure services

✓ LAN Ports 
✓ Airport Wi-Fi 
✓ Airport Internet 
✓ Voice over IP (Internet Calling)  
✓ Datacentre co-location 
✓ Live video streaming via an IP camera
✓ Dark fibre (fibre optic) cabling 

Operational Services

✓ Flight information displays
✓ Gatwick data services
✓ Queue measurement
✓ Digital radios
✓ Ground to air digital radio service
✓ Aircraft planning and allocation kiosk (operational PC)


✓ CDM portal 
✓ Situational awareness tool
✓ Airport Community App - premium services
✓ Indoor beacon location awareness and wayfinding
✓ Dashboard and reporting kiosk (Dashboard PC)

Additional Services

✓ Minor facilities rental
✓ Restricted area escort service
✓ Professional IT services

For more information, please email our friendly team at who will be delighted to assist you.