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Anyone carrying out work at the airport must have the necessary permits or permission

A guide for contractors

Anyone carrying out work at the airport must have the necessary permits or permission. Our Contractors Guide to Gatwick has a handy flowchart which details everything you'll need to do.

Before you can start work at the airport, you'll need to complete some registrations, accreditation and training. Once these are completed, you'll receive access to work in our secure airport areas.

Working with us:

Guide to applying for work requests on Permit to Work

Work Request Guide

Guide to hazardous permits on Permit to Work

Hazardous permits guide

For more information or help, contact the Gatwick Contractor Support Centre at 01293 501439 or email at

Register for an ID

Our ID centre issues ID passes to work at our airport.

You will be set up as members of the ID Scheme through a system called Airport Gateway.

To join the ID scheme please email including any contractual evidence you may have with London Gatwick. Once reviewed by the ID Centre, you will receive a link to begin your application.

Whoever completes the application will be the first authorised signatory for the company and will need to provide:

  1. Satisfactory references covering the last five years
  2. No gaps of over 28 days unaccounted for
  3. A valid and current Criminal Record Check (CRC). To maintain validity, the CRC must be submitted within 10 weeks of the issue date
  4. If the person was overseas, a CRC will be required from all countries where the applicant has resided for over six months within the last five years. If this is the most recent CRC, this will need to be submitted within the 10-week validity period.
  5. A valid General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) certificate

When the security vetting has been completed for the nominated signatory, they will be invited to attend signatory training. Once training has been completed, your company will be an active member of the ID Scheme and can apply for passes.

Our ID Centre

Register on AIRDAT

AIRDAT is a portal to register your company and staff for access to our Permit to Work System. We use it for training, Airside Driving Permits, and applications for an Airside Operators Licence (AOL). 

AIRDAT access will enable you to manage and book training courses for your staff. These include the Gatwick Induction, Asbestos Awareness, and Fire Training, which are required for those coming to work onsite at the airport. 

To register on AIRDAT, you’ll need to: 

  • Complete all mandatory training modules 
  • Complete task-specific training 
  • Request permit system access 
  • Apply for an Airside Operators Licence

Register for AIRDAT

Provide Accreditation

We know that many London Gatwick-based companies need to use contractors, suppliers and specialist companies to work at our airport. 

All contractors must be accredited by SafeContractor. This ensures all contractors working on site are compliant with current legislation. It also makes sure they're able to operate in a safe and responsible manner. 

To use contractors at our airport, you'll need to: 

  • Provide Alcumus (SafeContractor) Accreditation 

During the registration, please ensure that you are added to our contractors list. 

Register for SafeContractor

Crane permits

A photograph of an Emirates airbus a380 about to land at London Gatwick, with the Gatwick train station under construction in the foreground, with a large crane

Permits are needed to operate a crane or tall equipment within 6km of the airport, unless under 10m high or shielded.

Apply for a crane permit

Drone permits

Aerial photograph of London Gatwick Pier 3 with various passenger aircraft on stand

Using a drone above 400ft or within 5km of the airport is restricted. Find out about flying a drone safely and applying for a permit to fly.

More on drone safety 

Our aerodrome

A cinematic photograph of a British airways Boeing 777 taking off in front of a colourful sunrise sky, with an easyJet airbus a320 parked in the foreground

We work with local authorities to ensure that our aerodrome and its airspace is safe for aircraft that take off, land, or fly in the area.

Our safeguarding policy