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Airline Sched To Flight Status Terminal Gate    
27 January 2015
Thomson Airways 06:15 Alicante TOM4246 BOARDING North 567    
Norwegian 06:20 Copenhagen DY2510 BOARDING South 14    
Garuda Indonesia 13:00 Amsterdam AND Jakarta GA089 ENQUIRE AIRLINE North      
13:10 Moscow UN7403 ENQUIRE AIRLINE North      
easyJet 13:10 Moscow EZY8403 ENQUIRE AIRLINE North      
easyJet 06:30 Berlin EZY5407 GATE OPEN South 24    
easyJet 06:30 Faro EZY8917 GATE OPEN North 113    
Norwegian 06:30 Stockholm DY2850 GATE OPEN South 11    
Norwegian 06:00 Tenerife DY2434 LAST CALL South 16    
British Airways 06:35 Geneva BA2736 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 06:40 Turin BA2576 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 06:50 Rome EZY5253 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 07:00 Brussels EZY8517 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:00 Jersey EZY845 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:00 Milan-Malpensa EZY5289 SCHEDULED South      
07:00 Moscow UN7401 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:00 Moscow EZY8401 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:05 Agadir EZY5149 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 07:05 Edinburgh BA2936 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 07:05 Edinburgh AA6247 SCHEDULED North      
07:05 Edinburgh US7473 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 07:05 Edinburgh AB5190 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 07:10 Oslo DY2800 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 07:20 Salzburg BA2652 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 07:20 Salzburg AB5086 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:25 Alicante EZY8661 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:25 Catania EZY8567 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 07:25 Glasgow AB5200 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 07:25 Glasgow BA2956 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 07:25 Glasgow AA6250 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 07:25 Nice BA2622 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:30 Malta EZY8823 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:35 Madrid EZY5475 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 07:40 Arrecife EZY8681 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 07:40 Jersey BA2770 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 07:40 Marrakech EZY8893 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 07:50 Amsterdam BA2758 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 07:50 Malta BA2644 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 07:50 Tirana BA2648 SCHEDULED North      
Thomson Airways 08:00 Boa Vista TOM878 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 08:00 Tenerife EZY8703 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 08:05 Amsterdam EZY8871 SCHEDULED North      
Monarch 08:15 Arrecife ZB238 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet EZS 08:15 Geneva EZS8464 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 08:25 Edinburgh EZY803 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 08:30 Belfast EZY831 SCHEDULED North      
Aurigny 08:30 Guernsey GR601 SCHEDULED South      
Thomson Airways 08:35 Marrakech TOM606 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 08:40 Venice EZY5263 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 08:45 Algiers BA2546 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 08:45 Copenhagen DY2512 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 08:50 Barcelona BA2049 SCHEDULED North      
Iberia 08:50 Barcelona IB5660 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 08:50 Barcelona VY7823 SCHEDULED North      
Aer Lingus 08:50 Belfast City EI021 SCHEDULED South      
Monarch 08:50 Tenerife ZB286 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 09:05 Glasgow EZY885 SCHEDULED North      
Freebird 09:05 Izmir FHY584 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 09:05 Sharm El Sheikh EZY8851 SCHEDULED North      
Aer Lingus 09:10 Dublin EI233 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 09:10 Dublin BA5833 SCHEDULED South      
Thomson Airways 09:10 Sharm El Sheikh TOM898 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 09:15 Malaga DY5579 SCHEDULED South      
Thomson Airways 09:15 Montego Bay TOM056 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 09:20 Oslo DY2802 SCHEDULED South      
Monarch 09:20 Tobago MON369 SCHEDULED South      
Thomson Airways 09:25 Antalya TOM286 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 09:25 Berlin DY2872 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 09:25 Newquay BA6170 SCHEDULED South      
Flybe 09:25 Newquay BE802 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 09:25 Stockholm DY2852 SCHEDULED South      
Thomas Cook 09:25 Tenerife TCX1012 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 09:30 Santiago EZY8589 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 09:35 Marrakech BA2666 SCHEDULED North      
Qantas 09:40 Dubai QF8012 SCHEDULED North      
Emirates 09:40 Dubai EK012 SCHEDULED North      
Ryanair 09:40 Dublin FR113 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 09:40 Helsinki DY5817 SCHEDULED South      
Thomas Cook 09:40 Holguin TCX134 SCHEDULED South      
Virgin Atlantic 09:40 St Lucia VS031 SCHEDULED South      
Thomson Airways 09:40 Tenerife TOM4226 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 09:45 Barcelona BA2706 SCHEDULED North      
Thomson Airways 09:45 Punta Cana TOM030 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 10:00 Edinburgh BA2938 SCHEDULED North      
Thomas Cook 10:00 Hurghada TCX1518 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 10:05 St Lucia AND Port of Spain BA2159 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 10:10 Alicante DY5539 SCHEDULED South      
Air Europa 10:10 Madrid UX1014 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 10:10 Tel Aviv EZY8817 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:15 Malaga EZY8605 SCHEDULED North      
Turkish Airlines 10:20 Istanbul TK1982 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:25 Barcelona EZY8573 SCHEDULED North      
Virgin Atlantic 10:30 Bridgetown VS029 SCHEDULED South      
Thomson Airways 10:40 La Palma TOM4200 SCHEDULED North      
TAP Air Portugal 10:40 Lisbon TP339 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 10:40 Tenerife BA2730 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 10:50 Barcelona DY5165 SCHEDULED South      
American Airlines 10:55 Rome AA6232 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 10:55 Rome BA2540 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 11:10 Antigua BA2157 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 11:10 Riga BA2240 SCHEDULED South      
Air Baltic 11:10 Riga BT652 SCHEDULED South      
Virgin Atlantic 11:15 Antigua VS033 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 11:15 Punta Cana BA2205 SCHEDULED North      
WOW Air 11:15 Reykjavik WW202 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 11:20 Glasgow BA2958 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 11:20 Glasgow AB5202 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 11:20 Glasgow AA6252 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 11:25 Bridgetown BA2155 SCHEDULED North      
Aegean Airlines 11:30 Athens A3607 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 11:35 Budapest DY2496 SCHEDULED South      
American Airlines 11:40 Amsterdam AA6254 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 11:40 Amsterdam BA2760 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 11:45 Orlando AA6206 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 11:45 Orlando BA2037 SCHEDULED North      
Iberia 11:45 Orlando IB4679 SCHEDULED North      
Aurigny 11:50 Guernsey GR605 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 11:50 Palma Mallorca EZY8627 SCHEDULED North      
Turkish Airlines 11:55 Istanbul TK1964 SCHEDULED North      
Air Malta 11:55 Malta KM117 SCHEDULED South      
Vietnam Airlines 12:00 Hanoi VN054 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 12:00 Jersey BA2772 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 12:00 Jersey AB5187 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 12:05 Nice BA2624 SCHEDULED North      
Ryanair 12:15 Cork FR9853 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 12:20 Innsbruck EZY5395 SCHEDULED South      
Ukraine International Airlines 12:20 Kiev PS112 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 12:25 Madrid EZY5477 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 12:25 Milan-Linate EZY5285 SCHEDULED South      
Virgin Atlantic 12:30 Cancun VS093 SCHEDULED South      
Icelandair 12:30 Reykjavik FI471 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 12:30 Venice AA6235 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 12:30 Venice BA2584 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet EZS 12:35 Geneva EZS8472 SCHEDULED North      
Turkish Airlines 12:40 Istanbul TK1966 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 12:50 Larnaca DY2486 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 12:55 Copenhagen EZY5367 SCHEDULED South      
Flybe 12:55 Newquay BE804 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 12:55 Newquay BA6172 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 13:00 Malaga BA2712 SCHEDULED North      
TAP Air Portugal 13:00 Porto TP331 SCHEDULED South      
American Airlines 13:00 Tampa AA6211 SCHEDULED North      
Iberia 13:00 Tampa IB4683 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 13:00 Tampa BA2167 SCHEDULED North      
Aer Lingus 13:10 Belfast City EI023 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 13:10 Shannon FR1183 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 13:10 Stockholm DY2854 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 13:20 Verona BA2596 SCHEDULED North      
Ryanair 13:25 Dublin FR115 SCHEDULED South      
Emirates 13:35 Dubai EK016 SCHEDULED North      
Qantas 13:35 Dubai QF8016 SCHEDULED North      
Meridiana Airlines 13:35 Naples IG372 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 13:40 Inverness EZY863 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 13:45 Athens EZY5087 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 13:50 Mauritius BA2063 SCHEDULED North      
Thomson Airways 13:55 Malta TOM4266 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 14:10 Copenhagen DY2514 SCHEDULED South      
Monarch 14:15 Alicante ZB252 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 14:20 Amsterdam EZY8875 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 14:25 Naples BA2612 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 14:30 Bermuda BA2233 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 14:30 Oslo DY2806 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 14:45 Dublin FR123 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 14:45 Genoa BA2688 SCHEDULED North      
Aer Lingus 15:00 Dublin EI239 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 15:00 Glasgow EZY883 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 15:05 Belfast EZY835 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 15:10 Geneva BA2740 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 15:10 Geneva AA6241 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 15:30 Dusseldorf EZY8597 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 15:40 Turin BA2578 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 15:50 Amsterdam BA2762 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 16:00 Alicante BA2632 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:00 Budapest EZY8425 SCHEDULED North      
Aurigny 16:00 Guernsey GR607 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 16:00 Jersey BA2774 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 16:00 Venice BA2586 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:05 Barcelona EZY8577 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 16:05 Barcelona BA2708 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 16:05 Funchal DY2464 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 16:10 Bordeaux BA2788 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 16:10 Florence VY6205 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 16:20 Copenhagen DY2516 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:20 Palermo EZY5243 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:25 Belfast EZY837 SCHEDULED North      
TAP Air Portugal 16:30 Lisbon TP343 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:35 Brussels EZY8521 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:35 Lisbon EZY8719 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:45 Malaga EZY8609 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:45 Paris CdG EZY8327 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:50 Rome EZY5259 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 17:00 Amsterdam EZY8879 SCHEDULED North      
Aer Lingus 17:00 Dublin EI245 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 17:00 Stockholm DY2856 SCHEDULED South      
Turkish Airlines 17:20 Istanbul TK1998 SCHEDULED North      
Air Europa 17:20 Madrid UX1016 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 17:30 Geneva EZY8478 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 17:40 Edinburgh BA2942 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 17:40 Edinburgh AB5194 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 17:40 Milan-Malpensa EZY5297 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 17:45 Dublin FR117 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 17:45 Edinburgh EZY811 SCHEDULED North