Everything found at London Gatwick is handed to our lost property office, operated by Excess Baggage Company

Contacting lost property

Items reported as lost are logged on a database at lostproperty.org. It can take 24 to 48 hours for a found item to be registered on the database. We keep all found items for up to three months.

To log an item that has been lost in the terminal go to lostproperty.org. We will then start the process of matching an item to the description you have provided. The more detail you give about your item, the easier this is for us. If we find a match, we will contact you and give you a reference number so that you can arrange to collect your item. We can also post your item directly to you if that is more convenient. 

Please note, there is a fee to reclaim your item. This covers the administrative process and storage of the item. 

Items left onboard aircraft
For items left on board a plane, please get in touch with your airline using their lost property contact.

Air Malta



Or by phone at +356 2369 6135

British Airways, Vueling and TUI


Eastern Airways

Iberia Express

Contact and log your item:


Turkish Airlines

All other airlines

For all other airlines not listed above, please contact Skybreak at www.skybreak.co.uk/lost-an-item. They also have information desks located in both the North Terminal (by check-in Zone D) and the South Terminal (by check-in Zone J).

You can find more information about Skybreak and where to find them here.

What if my bags get lost or delayed in transit?

For any hold luggage that is lost or delayed coming off of the aircraft, please contact your airline directly who will be able to assist you further.

Further details of airlines that fly from London Gatwick and how to contact them can be found below.

Airline details