Banner image showing VIP passengers and chauffeur leaving aircraft Banner image showing VIP passengers and chauffeur leaving aircraft

Signature ELITE Class

A unique ​and ​luxurious experience, w​ith exclusive access to a VIP lounge within a private terminal​

Your private terminal at London Gatwick

For the ultimate VIP experience, relax in the comfort of your own ​departure ​lounge and private terminal. Enjoy refreshments ​as ​we bring security, customs, immigration and ​luggage ​check-in​ direct​ to you. 

​​Our ​service includes transport to and from your VIP lounge​, just​ a few minutes ​away ​from the main terminal​. This is​ exclusive to you and ​those travelling with you, giving you the ultimate privacy.​ 

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Available for arrivals and departures

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Private security screening area

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Private transfer direct to your flight

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Private customs and immigration

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Private lounges and facilities

Luxury passenger services

Located a short walk away from the South Terminal building and train station, the Signature ELITE Class departure lounge at London Gatwick offers unrivalled privacy and the premium experience before or after your flight.

  • 24-hour camera surveillance system and security program
  • Dedicated 24-hour Customs and Immigration clearance
  • Gourmet coffee and tea
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Food available during departure
  • Scheduled airline passenger transfer facilities
  • Main airport restaurants and shops within walking distance

Booking Signature ELITE Class

A truly exclusive experience at London Gatwick, enquiries and bookings for the Signature ELITE Class departure lounge must be made directly via their team.

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